Active Sky x + add ons( X Graphics X Pax and Upgrades)+serials See more.. ASX Active Sky X is a complete re-design incorporating our experience over the past 5 years designing award-winning weather add-ons for FS. We brought the latest development technologies, a new approach to user interface design, and a robust architecture together in order to create the weather add-on we've always dreamed of. XGraphics X Graphics encompasses ground breaking technology along with the finest in graphics manipulation to enhance your flightsim experience. A vast assortment of content forms the basis, complete with sky environment enhancements, cloud enhancements, airport environment enhancements, sound enhancements, highways, roads & railroad enhancements, lighting enhancements and water environment enhancements. XPAX Introducing a different kind of add-on from HiFi that works with both FSX and FS9!

With XPax, the experience of carrying passengers in an airline environment is brought to you in an entertaining and realistic way. Passengers and their individual statistics including health and approval rating are constantly updated based on the performance of the flight.

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The entire flight process, from pre-boarding to deplaning, is simulated and supplemented by multimedia content including audio and video.

I just visited HiFi's new site because of their newly announced AS2012 project and notied anothre product I never know about, XPax.It's a passenger experience simulator, not to dissimilar to FSpassengers in some areas it seams. For those that have bought it, how do you like flying with it? Does it add positively to your flights?I'm a big commercial sim-pilot and would love to have some of the passenger simulation that I had with FSpassengers for FS9. I have just to buy FSPass for FSX yet.For those that have both products mentioned here, do you prefer one over the other? I like the VA features of FSPassengers a lot, and how it does revenue service figures. I own it, and love it for the most part.

It will automatically do the call outs based on what stage of flight you are in, so you don't have to go manually selecting the cabin announcements, which is nice, cause I always forget to do that with the FDSFX panel lol. Downside to it though is that there are times where it will prematurely announce the descent announcement if you happen to descend at all, so if you say, overclimbed, and you had to descend back down a couple hundred feet, it may prematurely think you're descending and skip the cruise announcement and just play the descent announcement. It does give you the option to skip to different states, but it doesn't always work properly either.

Any ONE Do yo HAVE HiFi Simulation XPAX. Had cracked FS9 FSD products and then legally bought one. Fsx hifi active sky fsx hifi active sky next fsx hifi simulation active sky evolution hifi tech active sky next sp2 fsx. HIFI SIM XPAX FS9--FSX. BELL 212 FSX SP2 (Helicopter) Software. HIFI SIM XPAX FS9--FSX: Software. Introducing a different kind of add-on from HiFi that works with both FSX and FS9! With XPax, the experience of carrying passengers in an airline environment is brought to you in an entertaining and realistic way. Microsoft Flight Simulator X or Flight Simulator 2004; FSX Requires Service Pack 1 (which.


Also if you're doing a step climb, and climb to say 10k feet, then 15k, then climb to 25k feet for instance, if you happened to level out for more than a second or 2, it'll think you're done with your climb and play the cruise announcement. I've gotten around that by doing a steady climb, not letting myself level out, most cases, ATC will clear me quick enough to go to the next step of my climb.And I'm not sure if it's my system or not, but the flight approval ratings don't always work either, over half my flights, the passenger approval ratings will start at 0% and never move, the rest of the times it'll start at 100% and barely drop unless I screw up multiple times. I don't pay much attention to that anymore though. I use Ideal flight for that purpose now anyways lol.Even though it has its glitches, I do still enjoy the product, hardly fly without it, I love the ambience sound it makes, I love the announcements, and overall, I haven't been dissatisfied owning it. Hi,XPax does not mess with.cfgs. One thing it does do is automatically adjust weight for boarding/deplaning dynamically.