This game has also introduced some new shots which include helicopter shot, scoop shots and reverse sweep etc. Bowling has also saw many variations and now as a bowler you can bowl leg cutters, off cutters and cross seam for fast bowling and googly and doosra for spin bowling. Fielding has also been enhanced with a new reflex catching system. Fielding also includes slides and tap backs inside the boundary lines. Don Bradman Cricket 17 has also got career mode which will let you play as a pro or as a rookie. In this game for the very first time women cricketers have been included in all modes.

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Features of Don Bradman Cricket 17 Following are the main features of Don Bradman Cricket 17 that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System. Imposing sports and simulation game. Brought new and revolutionary system delivering best batting, bowling and fielding.


Provides a wide variety and accuracy of play. Introduced new shots like helicopter, scoop and reverse sweep.

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New bowling variations introduced. Got career mode where you can play as pro or rookie. Women cricketers introduced in all modes. System Requirements of Don Bradman Cricket 17 System Requirements of Don Bradman Cricket 17. Mind A sequel Famous call of duty series of gaming by Activision.

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