Installation To install, download the Comodo setup files to your local hard drive. After downloading the CAVL setup files to your local hard drive, double-click on CAV_LINUX-1.0.I686.rpm file to start the installation wizard.

CentosHow To Install Comodo Antivirus On Centos Firewall

The installation wizard starts automatically and the confirmation dialog will be displayed. • Click 'Install' to start the installation process.

The installation process will be displayed. You will be asked to authenticate the installation. • Enter the administrator password and click 'Authenticate'. After verifying the credentials, the packages will be installed.

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Read the installation instructions to install Comodo antivirus for Linux successfully in your system. To install the software download setup to your drive.

On successful completion, shortcut icons of the application will be placed in the desktop and the Notifications area. Ncs expert inpa ediabas download. To open the application, refer the section.