12-14 Max DIN - Look PX 12, Look NX 12, Look Pivot 14, Marker Griffon. Take your ski setup to any authorized retailer of the bindings and they should be able.

Game psx ps1 tanpa emulators. • • Added: Sat, 25 Jul 15 how to adjust the toe and heal binding for a different size boot on a Volkl ski. • • Marker IPT binding installation adjustment, Marker bindings mounting on freeride ski, Volkl RTM 81 Ski with iPT Wideride 12 0 D Binding, 2014 Marker Race Xcell 12 And 16 Alpine Ski Bindings, Marker Motion binding installation, Berg's Review for the Volkl Unlimited AC3 Skis with Motion iPT Wide Ride 12.0 D Bindings, How to Adjust Bindings on Marker 9.0 Ski Bindings, How-To Mount Marker Bindings On K2 Skis, Volkl RTM 81 Ski w/IPT Wideride 12 Binding - TheSkiBum.com, Volkl RTM 84 Ski with iPT Wideride 12 0 D Binding.

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New to skiing in general? Read our by professional boot-fitter and ski tech Ski Boot questions?

Seriously, see a bootfitter. Do not post here asking if a boot is good for you. A good boot is one that fits. Even the seemingly all-knowing cannot help you find a good boot without looking at your feet and having you try some on. DIN and technical questions?

Please, ask them on. However, remember that you are taking advice from people on the internet. Mods do take the time to require proof for all user flairs that involve any expertise and skill; however, with questions that could lead to an injury, getting shop advice is always the wisest choice.

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• • • • • Visit our Discord server! I brought my brand new skis/bindings/boots (Super 7/FKS 140, purchased somewhere else) for installation to Sports Basement store (Bryant st, San Francisco). I got them back today and instantly noticed that they were installed asymmetrically. I was not able to address this issue on the spot, because they were closing.

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At home i tried to put the boot in, and it didn't fit. I had to adjust the binding and was able to do it barely (FKS are not really adjustable). How to deal with this whole situation? They don't have Super 7 in stock and probably cannot replace them. UPDATE (23 hours later): I wrote a negative review on Yelp last night at 11pm. At 7am the store manager emailed me back with appologies.

He offered to re-drill my skis and i refused. Then he offered a re-drill plus $200 gift card, and i refused as well. He was able to locate another pair of Super 7s and told me that they will replace mine. Today i dropped off my boot and my skis to the store. He offered $50 refund ($25 for installation and $25 for my cab ride), plus a weekend of free demo skis (while waiting for my new skis to arrive). He was super cool about this whole thing and said it never happened before.

I must admit - their customer service is amazing As soon as i receive my new skis, i will remove my negative review and post a new one. They deserve it. Thank you very much for all your advices! I knew that chain stores are not good, soI took my skis to my favorite ski tech first, but he did not have right patterns for such wide skis. That is actually fucked up in a way that you might notice skiing.