How to reset controls on keyboard

When the mouse works, the keyboard won't and when the keyboard works, the mouse won't. And also the same problem with the BT icon disappearing. So to use the TPT2's keyboard with a mouse, you have to use an RF mouse with a dongle. This means your lossing the only USB port on the TPT2.

The hardwiring of the Windows 8 Keys as the default keys instead of the more often used Function Keys drove me nuts. I have far more use for the F1 to F12 keys than the Windows 8 Keys, particularly in Mac OS X. This is a hardwired feature of the Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Keyboard. The only solution which works is to sacrifice the Windows 8 keys by permanently setting the Fn in the down position.

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How To Reset Microsoft Wedge Keyboard Instructions

I did this by popping off the Fn Key and taping the switch in the down position. I used double-stick permanent mounting tape for adhesion which was then covered by black gaffers tape. I love that my Function Keys now work as I want them to. Sure, I no longer have keyboard support for volume - compared to the Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000. But I do gain a hardwired Home and End Keys. And I can easily create a macro to control the volume. Since the Sculpt Keyboard is also half the price of the Keyboard 6000, this hardware modification saves me $20 every time I wear out the keyboard.

I wouldn't worry about battery life from keeping the Fn key pressed down since usually I turn off the keyboard when not used - when the keyboard is used as a mobile keyboard. When used as a desktop keyboard, we will have to see if battery life is reduced.