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Huawei FMC Unlock v1.0 allows the unlocking code by Huawei routers as gateway, mobile hotspot, pocket wifi etc. Very easy to use, you can unlock your device safely in any condition to have a reliable unlock code. CardLock_UnLock is a program similar to FMC Unlock v1.0 HUAWEI: E968, B683, B153, B183, B203, B662, B220, B310, B260, B560, B593, B593, B686, B890, B932, B933, B970, B970B, D100, D100T, E960, B960, E961, B200W, B260A, B200, B115, B153, B260A, B660, B681, B683 FMC Unlock v1.0 free download; telecharger FMC Unlock v1.0; descargar gratis FMC Unlock v1.0.exe; free download FMC Unlock v1.0.rar via mediafire; »»» DON’T FORGET TO SHARE OR SAY THANKS. GOOD VISIT «««.

Just to clarify: My exact mode of Huawei 4G router is CPE B593u-12. So my previous writings about and are specific to that exact model.

According to website following models exist: • B593u-12: FDD 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz • B593s-22: TDD 2600 FDD 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz (Speed to 150Mbps) • B593s-82: TDD 2300/2600MHz • B593s-58: TDD 1900/2300/2600MHz • B593s-58b: TDD 1900/2300MHz • B593u-91: TDD 2300/2600MHz • B593u: LTE FDD 850/900/1800/1900/2600 MHz • B593s: Band 42 (3400-3600MHz) • B593u-513 • B593s-42 • B593u-501 • B593u-41 • B593s-601 In Finland the most common models are the two first ones: u-12 and s-22. There are number of (they even copy/paste stuff from my blog without crediting me as the author), but please carefully find out the exact model before upgrading. If you manage to inject an incorrect firmware, it will most likely brick your thing.

Huawei B593 Driver Firmware Download 2016 Quickbooks

I didn't try that and don't plan to. What's funny is that Huawei does not publicly have a B593 in their product portfolio, apparently their only sales/support channel is via their client Telcos and they don't publish anything except the required by GPL v2 license. TFTP can be used by this tool: Here is a summary how TFTP/BOOTP works at Speedtouch/Thomson/Technicolor routers: But this methodology also works with other routers. The challenge is to know how to set the B593 in BOOTP-mode.


To set a router in BOOTP-mode is usually done by pressing some buttons on the router in a special sequence. Assumed that a router supports that mode.

BOOTP was developed before DHCP. Usually when a device supports DHCP it also supports BOOTP. The other way is know the root access of CLI shell to deactivate firewall. I post this info also on unlockmodemfree.biz customized firmware is blocking factory firmware. On my modem with V200R001B180D20SP05C69 i was able to upgrade firmware, but with simple trick.

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