About IBExpert Originally founded in 1991 by Holger Klemt, our main focus was the development of customized software applications. Over the years we have expanded our expertise, to constantly fulfil changing customer demands and capitalize on the newest technical developments. We are first and foremost a service enterprise, comprising a team of qualified specialists, who develop and realize customized IT solutions for clients from diverse trade and industrial sectors.


Our competent team of staff and more than twenty years experience guarantee credibility and security. A focal point of our consultancy is the conception and customization of existing software packages enabling cross-platform versatility, multi-layer and internet capability. And of course we escort and support you during the implementation of all new systems. We do not consider a project to be satisfactorily completed, until the practical implementation has been realized to your satisfaction and operates exactly as you expect it to. A successfully completed project is often the beginning of a long-term customer relationship. We continue our support quickly and unbureaucratically via hotline or on site.

You develop SQL databases professionally and need an efficient and powerful tool? With IBExpert you have made the right choice. It enables you in just a short. Here you can view all available software that has been purchased for this email account, as well as the free IBExpert Personal Edition. Information includes the.

In addition to our conceptional activities, we offer training and coaching for your developers, to acquire the necessary specialist knowledge, taking into account your organizational framework, resulting in effective and efficient programming. Our holistic approach to your existing IT environment enables us to step in where we can be most effective. The modularity of our service concept and a consequent solution-oriented approach guarantee a favorable cost-benefit calculation. Management is able to evaluate the project progress at every stage along the way, thanks to the modular architecture, the introduction and implementation of appropriate programming guidelines, together with a corresponding reporting system. The core of our operations is always the client. Your specific problems are paramount for the project development. Our goal is to create a platform that allows for future enhancements and new systems.

We are conversant with the newest technologies, such as data, speech and video integration or modern security systems, should you wish to implement such instruments. By utilizing open-source solutions we can guarantee you cost-oriented solutions, which fulfill the current situation in your enterprise and yet allow adequately for future developments. We are a recognized counterpart and mediator between management and programming, able to preclude technical and/or organizational misunderstandings. Efficient communication is the key to successfully forming and maintaining internal and external relationships. Challenge us! As a service enterprise, we are just as flexible as the IT solutions we develop!

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