Army powerpoint presentation

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INDIAN ARMY The Indian Army is the largest branch of Indian Armed Forces and has the responsibility for land based military operations. It is the world’s second largest Army with having 1,325,000 active personnel and 2,142,821 reserve forces. The president of India is the commander In chief of the Indian Army.

Objectives Defending India from external aggression Maintaining peace and security within the country Patrolling Borders Conducts rescue and humanitarian operations during calamities and disturbances Major wars First Indo-pak war,1947 Indo-china war,1962 Second Indo-pak war,1965 Third Indo-pak war,1971 Siachin war,1984 Kargil war,1999 Ranks in Indian Army General Lieutenant General Major General Brigadier Colonel Lieutenant colonel Major Captain Lieutenant General V.K. Singh Permanent commission Short service commission Types of commision Permanent commission Short service commission Women officers in Indian Army First enrolled in as short-service commissioned officers women cadets are enrolled in OFFICERS TRAINING ACADEMY,Chennai Their training is same as of the male cadets India’s defense budget India's official defense budget stands at US$32 billion for but the actual spending on the armed forces is estimated to be much higher than that. Academy NDA,Pune joint services academy,where the cadets of three wings of Army, Navy and Air force are trained together before they go for their pre commission training to their respective academies. IMA,Dehradun It is a premier officer training school of the Indian Army.


NDA,Pune IMA,Dehradun IMA,parade ground India’s missile arsenal Ballistic missiles(agni 1,agni 2, agni 3) Anti-ballistic missiles(prithvi,Akash) Cruise missile(BrhMos) Agni 2 References THANKYOU. Leadtools 17 keygen crack autocad 2016.