Results 1 - 48 of 113 - BMW software tool: inpa 5.0.6 ncs expert WinKFP NCS Dummy. WINDOWS XP, 7, 8, 10 both 32 & 64 bit versions. EWS 3, EWS 4, EWS 4.4, CAS E65, CAS E65 Restal, CAS 2, CAS 3 Black, CAS 3 White, CAS (OBD II). Jan 31, 2017 - How to install BMW INPA 5.0.2 on Windows XP. Activate all spare boxes with: INPA 5.0.1 – UPDATE, NCS Expert 3.0.8 – UPDATE; Press.

First off, you will need a windows computer or Virtual Box from Oracle, (what I used). I used a licensed copy of windows XP and installed it. BTW Windows XP sucks!!!!

You can use Windows 7, 8, and 10 as well, but you will need to research some things to makes sure everything works properly!!! You will need a cable: Option 1: K+DCAN for coding: This is similar to what I bought, it came with a green circuit board and worked well.

Inpa 5 0 2 ncs expert windows 7

Operation doomsday 1999 zippo for sale. Check around on Amazon and eBay. Also look at the reviews for them too. OPTION 2: ICOM ****NOTE if you plan on updating modules in your car, buy an ICOM cable.

It will have a faster and more reliable connection. I don't own one, so I am a bit unfamiliar**** So if this is your goal, you can stop here and search that.

If continuing with K+DCAN. Download BMW tools 2.12 this will give you updated NCS Expert @ v3.1, EDIABAS 7.2, and winkfp 5.1. Then, I used the BMW coding tool to update my daten files. Special thanks to user: 'Dracon.' He helped me a lot in this process.

After this you will likely need to update your: SP-DATEN files. This is so you don't have strange errors and so you can code your car back to default using the 'expert mode profile.' There is newer SP-DATEN than v54. This is from 2014, I just done have time to keep searching. Feel free to post links to newer versions here guys!!!!

Link for: v54: This is a large file, about 16 GB and will take some time. It contains, what is know as SP-DATEN update files for all BMW models and MINI models. Just pick you chassis and follow the following procedure to update that to the car. After the download you will need to unzip it.

***Use '7zip' found here: *** *****Winzip is unable to handle such large files***** **After it is unzipped it is a: '.rar' You must now 'unrar: it, Here is a link to Unrar a file: ** After that you will have the folders, feel free to delete the '.zip' and all the '.rar' files. You can also delete all other chassis except what you need for your car.

Now use the BMW coding tool to update the SP-DATEN files to NCS Expert and the EDIBAS * Here is a link to e90post with an excellent DIY, it will show you more about using NCS Expert*** I am still learning more about this program, but you need to do some small adjustments to start coding. Please refer to this link to get started.

It is also a better DIY than mine. Link: Now once you have done the other steps and are thinking, how do I actually code something????????? You can watch this video, it has a great explanation with some details on exactly what to do.


This has to do with reactivating 'Passive Go or Keyless Go,' with respect to the CAS 'Car Access System' and Comfort Access. Watch it here.

It is also a must see production by cut in and voice! Captain tsubasa anime.

I have been trying to find clear instructions on how to achieve this installation successfully over the past few months, I kept giving up due to confusion, frustration, misleading threads and bad information. However, after much research, I have finally got it working and hope to help others searching for solutions.

I can't guarantee that this is absolutely perfectly described but the process below worked in my case, hopefully it'll get you up and running too. My specific use is to diagnose codes on my E46 M3 (2004) and so I can confirm that it works fully with this car. If someone wishes to take screenshots, I'll add them to the guide. Assumptions and Clarifications • This setup/installation DOES work on Windows 7 64bit. • This setup/installation DOES NOT require VM/Virtual Machine images. • This setup/installation DOES work on an E46 (my car). • This setup/installation DOES give you INPA and EDIABAS 6.4.7 and 5.0.2.