First, please join the group, otherwise I have to approve your message everytime. The patch hosting project is stopped. Now, we moved to android-x86. You should check out and build from the android-x86 git tree. So that we can have a common baseline to discuss problems.

Open the Bliss-x86.iso/img with 7zip, and then open the system.sfs inside 7zip, and extract the system.img file to C:/android-x86 or whatever your target drive is, overrighting the existing file. After that, extract the rest rest of the contents to the android-x86 folder: • initrd.img • ramdisk.img • kernel I also replace the install.img and isolinux.sys files, but I don't think they are needed. Jan 25, 2017 - I have recently installed Android-x86 6.0 RC1 on a USB Flash drive, so I. Detected (probably no driver) and the only option is to use the Wi-Fi.

I'm going to test the wifi patch today. If it work, then I will commit the code so you can get it. Yi On Jul 22, 11:26 pm, saeen wrote: > Sorry for the incomplete information.

I am following the instructions > at the page > >. Beyounn 24/7/2009, 17:24 น. I have created the first patch release for wifi support on android- x86. I have tested the patch with both ath5k and ath9k. Cara instal driver laptop toshiba satellite l740 battery.

They both work fine. I can enabled/disable wifi from the gui.

The support for the devices that need download firmware is still not enabled. I will enable it after I test it with a right device. You can find the patch in. How it works? Well,if everything works as expected then you don't really need to do anything if you have a EeePC with ath5k and ath9k (the other platforms and (none firmware) devices should work too). But, normally, the things are not happen that way, so I post how the wifi working on android-x86 here.

So that you can also debug the problems you found: 1. Init script installs WIFI driver for the wifi devices with auto detection 2.

Install Wifi Drivers Android X86 InstallWifi

Init script updates the init.rc to export correct driver file path to wlan.modpath system property. Init script also updates init.rc to make wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd to work with right wifi device. When user enable wifi from ui, the check_driver_loaded function in wifi.c will be called, and it will check whether a wifi driver is loaded, what is the wifi network device interface and what is the module name of the wifi device. If a valid wifi driver is detect (I don't support more than one wifi device at the moment), then the system properties wlan.interface, wlan.modname and wlan.driver.status will be set to correct value, wpa_supplicant will be called to init wifi device and initiate wifi scan. 4.when user disables the wifi from gui, the wifi_unload_driver function in wifi.c will be called. And it uses wlan.modname to remove the module. It will also update the driver status 5.

If user re-enables the wifi from gui again, then wifi_load_driver function will be called again. At this time, check_driver_loaded in wifi function will not be able to find any installed wifi module from the sysfs. So the module installation process will be triggered. It looks up wlan.modpath system property to find right driver to install. After the new driver is installed, the wlan.modname, wlan.interface and wlan.driver.status will be updated and wpa_supplicant will be called to init wifi device and initiate wifi scan. I also changed code in the frameworks/base directories. I'm not the original creator of that code, the original code change is made by a guy whose name I can not remember (maybe he is called Michael or something).

If you are the author and happen to read this note, please send me an e-mail so that I can add you to the credit list Thanks Yi saeen 24/7/2009, 2:50 น. Thanks for the earlier help Yi, but unfortuantely it didnt work. I have applied the patch, and also used the newer v0.9.

Both resulting into the same thing. I will try to debug and let you know thw exact cause. Meanwhile, please tell me if i need some additional settings for the Ethernet or it should be just plug and play. Thanks On Jul 25, 5:24 am, beyounn wrote: > I have created the first patch release forwifisupport on android- > x86. I have tested the patch with both ath5k and ath9k.