Emerson LC220EM1 from Walmart. DS1 serial prefix. Dirty mind prince mediafire. FIRMWARE DOWNLOAD: http://www.emersonaudiovideo.com/support/download_tv.php?id=15. 'Windows Update' is a module which used for upgrading the windows system, with it, we can upgrade the system, expand the system functions, make our system more supportive for softwares and hardwares, and keep a more stable system environment.

Lookin' to get a lil' help from the experts. I finally figured out how to get my T.V (27 inch) working with antenna since I'm still at my house. I managed to find some local channels and started flipping through channels up to 30.1. It seemed like everything froze up.no button operation on anything (tv or remote). I turned power off and even cycled the lil' switch in the back on tv like some others suggested in previous threads. When I turn tv back on, it goes to that previous channel (30.1) which is in spanish so it doesn't do me a lick of good, but if I hit the channel down button the screen goes black and seems like everything freezes up again.

Has anyone else had a prob like this.I'm gettin' ready in a couple weeks to go on the maiden voyage and tryin' to get all the crap workin' before I go. I've read some stuff about firmware.think it's something I need to address? Also.is the T.V. Covered under my 5er manufacturer warranty? Thanks in advance for any assistance.like many, I'm by no means tech savvy. I did the firmware upload to t.v. And I have movement with remote buttons.i.e.moving from source to source and messing with menu.

Now I don't have any signals from any of my sources so no channels on antenna--not even my one go to spanish channel:-). I'll work on that later as I think I stumbled on it earlier and don't remember how I did it. I appreciate the quick response with firmware link--I'd hate to think my t.v. Was gonna get a quick trip to the dump so soon after getting the new 5er. Okie Dokie.after I got home from camping trip I put my antenna up and hooked up my 11 inch Sansui and local channels came on. I didn't have to do anything.the channels were just there.


Now, I took the same cable and hooked it to my Olevia and I can't get any signal (no signal shows up on screen). Before I did the firmware update I at least got channels though my inputs froze up on a spanish channel and I could do anything with remote or buttons on television. Am I missing something with this antenna thing.do I need to do anything special to watch t.v. Off of the antenna. I downloaded a manual for 2 series T.V. And it has something about auto search channels from the menu screens, but my menu doesn't give me those same options to auto search.

Can any of you smart folks out there help? This seems to me that is should be a no brainer, but I'm just not getting it. I have my two t.v.s side by side and one gets channels and the other doesn't. Thanks in advance for any and all input. Ds1307 bascom programmer.

I will see what I can do from memory. First, did you push the red button on the front TV antenna to get the booster on? As I recall, if it lights up (depressed?), that is for over the air.

Then the horrid Olevia menu system. Push menu on remote and a little wheel looking thing pops up. UP/Down arrows rotate it. Right arrow makes the selection. Find the one for channel setup, then for AIR, then the right arrow starts it on auto channel search. It takes 3 to 4 minutes at my house for it to go through its whole search. First analog, then digital.

(I wonder what it will do after they turn off the analog?) The menu system is horrible and confusing, but you shouldn't be able to hurt any thing so go ahead and play. If that doesn't work or you can't figure it out, I can sit in front of it tonight and write down all the commands. Hope this helps.:o. Yeppers.got the booster light switch depressed and light is on. I looked in the manual for T.V that I downloaded from internet and on page 42 it talks about the menu as you are describing. The problem I'm running in to, is that I'm not seeing the T.V option on my menu to get to channel auto search. I see it in the book but not on my T.V menu.