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Volcanoes are landforms whose shapes may remain unchanged for centuries or may change drastically in minutes. Some exist singly, looming over a flat landscape. Others exist in groups, forming mountain ranges. Scores of volcanoes remain unseen, hidden beneath the surface of the planet's oceans. These submarine volcanoes are known as seamounts.

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(For further information on oceanic landforms, see the Ocean basin chapter.) The material and processes deep within Earth that form volcanoes have shaped the planet's surface since its beginning more than four billion years ago. Volcanologists, scientists who study volcanoes and volcanic phenomena, have identified the existence of more than forty thousand volcanoes on Earth. Currently, there are about six hundred active volcanoes scattered around the world. Volcanologists classify an active volcano as one that has erupted in the last few hundred years or shows signs of erupting in the near future. A dormant volcano is one that has not erupted for a few hundred years, but has erupted in the last few thousand years. An extinct volcano is one that has not erupted in the last few thousand years and will not, volcanologists believe, ever erupt again.

The word volcano comes from the name of the Roman god of fire and a small island that is part of a group of volcanic islands located just north of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Ancient Romans believed that Vulcan, the mythological god who made tools and weapons for other Roman gods, operated his forge beneath the island of Vulcano. One of the present-day Aeolian (pronounced ee-OH-lee-an) Islands, Vulcano has been volcanically active for thousands of years. During the Middle Ages in Western Europe (roughly from 500 to 1500 C.E. ), many people considered the smoking crater on Vulcano to be the entrance to hell. After this period, the word volcano was applied to all such eruptive landforms.

CORBIS CORPORATION. The shape of the land Technically, a volcano is a vent or hole in Earth's surface through which heated material escapes from underground.

That material could be any combination of magma (called lava once it reaches Earth's surface), rock fragments, ash, and gas. Ejected through the vent, volcanic material accumulates to form a hill or, if over 1,000 feet (305 meters), a mountain around the opening. It is this accumulating landform that is more commonly referred to as a volcano.