Adobe After Effects Plug-ins From PlugInFinder Jump to: navigation, search After Effects Plug-ins Alphabetized by Developer This list is comprised of third-party plug-ins for After Effects. Note: This information is subject to change quickly as new versions come out all of the time. If you notice anything is out of date or missing, please email Michele Yamazaki so that we can update it.

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Pdf to dsn converter to mp4. # * 2d3 boujou bullet- full feature set and automated tracking * 2d3 SteadyMove - SteadyMove Pro technology estimates and compensates for camera movement frame to frame in a shaky sequence, producing a smooth clip. * 2d3 boujou silver bullet - Robust and accurate feature tracking and camera solving engine in HD * 2d3 boujou bullet SD - Robust and accurate feature tracking and camera solving engine without HD support * 3Dar RPF Motion Blur After Effects Plug-in that allows you to put motion blur on 3d Objects. A * ADI FilmPAK - Color and tone scale manipulation, film grain management, wire and rig removal.

* AIST proFX - Fully-adjustable particle generator and special effects tool. * Algolith Software AlgoSuite Designed to perform high-quality format conversion, motion-estimated time warp and noise reduction on SD, HD and Film images. * Alias Maya Paint Effects - Enables you to apply detailed paint strokes of plants, fibers, glows, water, metal, natural media and more along a mask, bezier path or motion path. * Alien Skin Eye Candy for After Effects - 20 sophisticated texture, production and distortion effects * Allegorithmic MaP Time - Easily create and manipulate highly complex animated patterns, effects and transitions. * AlphaPlugins AlphaStar - This set of plug-in modules for After Effects allows for various types of lighting effects which are indispensable to any video artist. * AlphaPlugins FirTree- Create animated fir tree branches. * AlphaPlugins New Year Toy - Create different kinds of New Year toys for decorating of New Year tree.

* Amber Visual Halide Film Look System- The most advanced film-look plugin available. With unprecedented speed, market-leading HDR color-space and breathtaking quality Halide is the professional choice for theatrical quality film-look. * Amber Visual Widescreen Mask - A simple tool to crop footage in After Effects. * Amber Visual Chroma Smoother - Recreates the chroma channels of digital video, reducing compression artifacts and color in After Effects. * Amber Visual Broadcast Legaliser - A Free Plugin For After Effects. * Atomic Power Evolution - Acquired by Adobe.


* Automatic Duck Pro Import AE - Translate a sequence from an Avid, Final Cut Pro or Apple Motion 1.0 with all your media, effects and clips in one step. * AutoMedia Ltd. AutoMasker AE - Automates and expedites the tedious process of hand-masking. * Avidion Synchronize - Synchronize your audio with any aspect of your project, from keyframes to layer position.

* Avidion Real3D - Bend, Twist and shatter your layers in 3D space as well as render them as a grid, surface, spheres, or solids. B * Belle Nuit Mimikri - A tool to conform color corrections made in standard video definition in high definition. * BigFX FilmFX - Get the expensive look of film on a video budget. * Boomer Labs MAX2AE - Bridges the gap between Discreet's 3D Studio MAX and Adobe's After Effects and enables MAX users to integrate After Effects elements into their renders in an accurate and efficient way, matching all aspects of MAX cameras, lights, and objects. Note: This is a 3D Studio MAX plug-in. * Boris FX, Inc. Boris FX - More than 60 ******s include motion tracking and image stabilization, as well as self-animating natural effects that easily interact with timeline video.

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