What you should do if a rock cracks your windshield. I got hit by a big rock over the summer. It put a nice crater and spiderweb in my windshield. The rock came from a double-dump truck that did not have its load covered. State law requires that all loads be secured and trucks with dirt, sand or gravel must be covered. Why Does the Windshield in a Car Fog Up? A foggy windshield resulting from a dirty interior glass surface is difficult to clear with the car defroster. Clean the inside of your window with a high-quality glass cleaner and dry paper towels.

I've tried it with a diamond coated bit in a dremel tool. It helped for a bit but it still spread. I don't think I went deep enough though, I should have completely through the first layer of glass. If I had I think it would have worked.

I was told it can be drilled by a glass shop but he can't do it because it is against the law here. Seal it with some silicone or something afterwards. You are better off with a new windshield if you can though. If you do this wear something to protect your eyes and lungs from the glass dust.

I've had good luck just putting superglue on the chip. Usually, once it gets bigger than a nickel, you're screwed using this method. You may be able to use another method though. I just take one of those loctite superglue dispensers with the brush, and brush on superglye generously. It seeps into the cracks, and keeps them from spreading.


I've tried it on chips that DEFINETLY would have spread, and it held for 6 months. The winshield got hosed by a 1' chunk of scrap 2x4 kicked up by the suburban in front of me, that was in the middle of 8 mile.

After that, it had to be replaced. It had 2 small superglued stone chips in it, both would have spread without the glue. The one thing that a friend of mine did that owns a glass shop was to guide the crack along with pressure from his finger which essentially made the crack progress along and end where he wanted it (to the edge of the shield) and that was pretty much it. You did have to push a little to work the crack, but at least it went where he wanted it to go somewhat and not across the shield entirely. Other than that there's really not much you can do for a good stone shot other than drill it out and apply glue under vacuum. They have kits for that for glass shops and they may tag you for about $50 per crack.

But thats for the outer single layer only. The inner layer gets cracked and, well, time for a new windshield or do what I did above. One other thing, maybe related, drop your comprehensive coverage deductible to $50 instead of the usual $500. That covers glass and deer damage too. I saved my butt many times with that.

You have to ask your insurance carrier to see if they offer the $50 deductible. It's not expensive like many think it is and can save you a lot of headaches like this one at times. If you have the standard deductible, a lot of insurance cos will pay to have a glass shop repair the chip/crack, as it will cost them much more if you have to replace the windshield. You can stop a crack by drilling the end of it, although sometimes it takes several attempts to get through the first layer before the crack jumps ahead of you. You MUST go all the way through the outer layer to relieve the stress.

Try not to go through the plastic layer. If the crack is in both glass layers, you will have to drill both.

Drill from both sides, and don't punch through the plastic. Normally, only the outer glass layer will crack from impact. Some repair people will drill the crack(s) before injecting the glue.

The reason to use the glue even after you drill it is to hide the crack optically. The glue should have a matching index to eliminate light bouncing off the surfaces of the crack, which almost makes it invisible to our eyes. Dental drill bits in a Dremel work well. Menudo discografia 320 kbps downloads.