LsiMegaraid utility download

Update Avago LSI SMIS Provider VMware ESXi Before we begin, LSI was bought by Avago Tech which is owned by Broadcom (are you keeping it straight?) so we will use the terms interchangeably. However, the SMIS provider and drivers still have the LSI branding aside from the “Avago” Storage Manager.

I'm setting up temporarily a server using a 1068E LSI RAID Controller. It's their bottom of the line on board controller. It is wrapped up in a SuperMicro S6036T-3R which is on the VMWare HCL. I install ESXI and it cannot find the RAID array, 4TB array of 8 1TB NL-SAS drives. I Googled this controller a bit and found a few people saying that the 1068E doesn't work out of the box and you need to load the drivers.

According to the HCL this is the line: ESXi 5.0 mptsas version inbox Well there is no version, listed on VMware's site is only 12.00, 11.00, and 10.00 all released on the same date, 8/22/11. Then there is a Megaraid driver but I believe this is a mptsas based card. So what drivers do I use? Pokemon rom hacking tools gbc roms kirby.

Also where do I stick them? I read the directions but there is no data store on the server to put the files so I can install them, do I need to connect a temp disk or a way to drop them right on the boot flash drive? LSI's website is utterly useless, slow, and none of the menu pieces word after the initial search so out of luck there so far. I wish VMware would update the HCL then because it sounds like its not compatible even though it is listed on the HCL. I read those 2 threads on the VMware forums but they were 3 years old and I had read others that stated it did work. I have a RAID card for it, a LSI 8087 but thats not going in until Friday evening and I wanted to do some back to back testing with the Toshiba NL-SAS drives I got so I could compare a caching vs non-caching controller.

Looks like I have to wait until I put the RAID card in it, which we're transferring from another server that I know for sure works with ESXI. The cards I used in my two boxes were both SuperMicro chassis. One came with a system board, the other was an Asus. In the case of the SuperMicro chasis/board combo, the system was listed as having RAID built in - read SuperMicro software RAID, or as SAM put it, fake RAID. As John mentioned, you will have to have a physical RAID card for VMware, no exceptions that I am aware of. You might think that having the RAIDbuilt into the BIOS would work fine, but they just appear as JBOD to the ESXi hypervisor. Not necessarily a painful discovery, but set my first ESXi build project back a week while I waited for parts.:).