Aug 29, 2011  A mix of ULTRA High Definition Textures (UHDT) repaints made by McPhat Studios for the awesome Coolsky Super 80 Pro (FSX). Liveries User Shots McPhat Liveries Super 80 Center Super 80 Classic World Airliners 1 - UHDT Super 80 Pro/Classic WA 1 - Remember the 80s.

In a recent press release McPhat Studio and Flight One Software are announcing “. The immediate availability of a special expansion to the Flight1/Coolsky Super 80 Professional product that brings you ten-special Ultra High Definition Texture sets. With a pixel per meter ratio of 253, these are possibly the most detailed aircraft textures in history of Flight Simulator. They are four times as detailed as the stock Super 80 Pro textures.”. Making HD textures is not about blowing up the existing ones, times four. They are build from the ground up, not only for the diffuse map, but also for the specular and bump maps.

This allows a rivet looks like a rivet, scratches look like scratches, soot that looks like soot, and decals are fully readable. The textures have to be meticulously designed with the tiniest details in mind.

We believe you will be amazed by these new textures. The product is available now for download purchase for $19.90, and includes and automatic installer for the 10 new liveries. For more information, please visit the, or visit.”. Ooohh, I don’t know about not so many GA painters being around, but I do know there are far more tube flyers around.

You just have to look on Avsim and count the downloads. Where GA paints get downloaded by the hundred, Tubes get downloaded by the thousands or even tens of thousands. It does also seem like there are two distinct worlds of simmers out there. I wonder if that has been studied enough?

Mcphat Studios Super 80s

Demographically as well. It would be interesting to find out the differences. Certainly I have absolutely no clue about anything “Tube” – I never even Read more ». I won’t dispute the fact that McPhat have great skins – they do – but the highest pixels per meter is currently with my 4096 textures for the LIC Christen Eagle.

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I have ported the FS9 model over and I have made 4096 textures for this model ever since FSX was on the shelves. As the wings are around 2500 pixels for a half-wing (3 Metres), I can claim at least 833 pixels per meter. And I am not the only one painting HD – there are the guys at OzX who work 4096 pixel wide texture sheets Good enough?

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