Overview Mega Man & Bass (known in Japan as Rockman & Forte) is a side-scrolling action platformer developed and published by for the (exclusively for Japan) on April 24, 1998. It was later released worldwide as an accurate port to the for Japan (on August 10, 2002), North America (on March 12, 2003), and Europe (on March 21, 2003). A spin-off of the classic series, Mega Man & Bass was originally intended to be a SNES version of (sold to those who did not purchase the two 32-bit consoles at the time) before becoming its own original game (using most of the Mega Man 8 assets, with the internal name of 'Rockman 8.5').

Mega Man And Bass Rom Snes

Along with an unlockable database detailing every character in the series (prior to the game), the game introduces a fully-playable version of (not including the secret versus mode in ), complete with his own special abilities (such as performing a, a wide dash-jump, and a ) and firing mode (where he can fire in seven directions, but cannot move while firing). Set in the year, the game takes place a year after the events of the game's predecessor (in which the hero defeats the evil for the eighth time). A mysterious robot, who calls himself, has stolen data on the from the Robot Museum to create a new army (with the intention of ) and commandeered Dr. Wily's new secret castle. Now it's up to Mega Man and his rival, Bass, to put their differences aside to defeat King's Robot Masters and stop his plan. The game received its own sequel (exclusively for Japan), titled, that was developed by for the on August 5, 1999.

It features a new story (in which they face a new group of robots led by the mysterious Rockman Shadow). Gameplay Mega Man & Bass follows the same routine as the previous games. The level select screen is set up like a grind. Three Robot Masters are available from the start and can open up more levels once they are defeated. Like, this game allows the player to pick one of two characters with which to play through the entire game.

Megaman & Bass was originally released on Super Famicom, but unfortunately didn’t see a North American release. Luckily, the game was translated by the exceedingly talented Aeon Genesis team, so those of us wanting to play it on the SNES console it was intended for can finally do so. Mega Man & Bass is an action-platform video game developed and published by Capcom. It is a spin-off title in the original Mega Man series and was originally released in.

For the first time for the series, Bass is a playable character. Bass differs from Mega Man in several ways, Bass has a double jump, can perform the dash by double tapping forward, can shoot multiple pellets automatically, and can aim his buster at multiple angles.

The CD Database New to the series are 'Data CDs,' which are CDs that contain info about most of the characters of the Mega Man series. The CDs are hidden throughout the levels of the game; some CDs can only be found with Mega Man and others with Bass. The player can make two separate save files for each character to find all the CDs - When the player finishes a game, all of the CDs that were found can be carried over to another save file as a different character, and vice-versa with the first save file. The CD and its data are displayed in the CD Database that's hosted by Dr. The item shop. Returning from & Mega Man 8 is the item shop with Auto returning as the shop keeper. The items can be purchase with blots that are dropped by every enemy from the levels of the game.

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