C Class W203 (2001-2007) Synopsis: The Mercedes Benz C Class is a good compact sedan for a premium audio upgrade. The car has a total of between 6 to 12 speaker slots (depending on variant) which are evenly distributed and staged for an excellent stereo response. This is mainly in front to give the driver and co-passenger a rich and clear music experience. The 12 speaker, Harman OE audio setup on the top end C Class reproduces a clear and natural sound output.

Built-in Android 8.0 Oreo system special autoradio for Mercedes-Benz W163 W209 W203 W170 W210 W168 W463 Vito Vaneo Viano • Octa-core PX5 chip, Ram 4GB, Rom 32GB faster speed. • Split 1024*600 touch dual screen run 2 apps at the same time side by side. • Easyconnect mirror ing for android phone and iPhone, support carplay and android auto. Speakers – Mercedes C-Class W203 Pioneer 17cm Front Door Speaker Upgrade Kit. Now that you have replaced the old head unit, you are going to want a good pair of speakers to go with it. Pioneer is a very well respected name when it comes to automotive audio systems. This front door speaker kit will add more punch and clarity to the existing sound system.

The Harman factory amp is paired very well with the speakers in the car, positioned in appropriate slots and tuned to deliver crisp and clear audio response to the cabin occupants. Though this audio setup sounds quite balanced, it lacks head room at higher volumes. However, anyone seeking a higher end sound quality are the ones who consider upgrades over the Harman setup.

InstallMercedes W203 Subwoofer Install In Gmc

The Harman audio setup is a good benchmark to match or to beat in case of an audio upgrade on a C Class. The basic built speakers in the non-Harman Audio or commonly called Non-Option Sound variants do sound good to passive listeners. But, the sound response just does not work for anyone who is used to higher level of sound quality at home, in their AV rooms or in another one of their premium cars with a higher end OE audio like Bang & Olufsen or Burmester. Mercedes Benz have installed large 6.5” speakers in the front doors in a way that brings acceptable lows (bass) right up front in the C Class. There is a Subwoofer / Bass speaker installed below the rear parcel tray to add lower frequencies, creating a roomy feel in bass reproduced in cabin.

Software penjualan ticket pelnik. The problem actually lies in the actual build of the speakers and OE amplifier, which are purpose built and are meant to sound average to the experienced listener or music lover or an audiophile. Standard Speaker slots / locations of equipment in Non-Harman variants: 6 speakers in four doors, 4 mid woofers / speakers and 2 tweeters. This setup comes with a Basic entertainment unit up front with a CD Changer.