It can happen out of nowhere. You’re driving along, minding your own business, when you hear the dreaded ping of a rock hitting your windshield.

A cracked windshield can pose a major safety hazard, and the damage can worsen if not repaired quickly. Rep Melina Metzger said automotive experts rank the windshield as the third most important safety feature behind seatbelts and airbags. Typically, windshields can be repaired unless the crack is larger than a dollar bill, she said.

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Midas Gts Cracked Windshield

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Ignoring a crack could allow dirt or debris to get inside the pit, which can make it harder to repair. Also, a small crack can grow — and become more expensive to fix — as the window glass expands or contracts in hot or cold temperatures. So how much does it cost to fix windshield damage?

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That depends on several factors, including the location and size of the crack or chip on your vehicle, as well as the type of car or truck you own. Repair estimates also can vary greatly depending on which company you choose. For example, recent windshield repair estimates from three ranged from $70 to $115 to $238 to repair the same nickel-sized windshield chip. Windshield repair is often completely covered by your auto insurance, Metzger says.

But it's best to check your insurance policy's fine print before a pebble ruins your road trip. Also keep in mind that if your insurance deductible is $250 or $500 and the repair costs less, which it often does, you may pay for the full repair out-of-pocket.