I got this to work with the DK2. You have to make the resolution 948x1080 and make the oculus the primary display. Now my only problem is head tracking doesn't work. I'm begging one of you to find or make a DK2 headtracking support for morrowind. I will love you forever Really? I guess you could try something like FreeTrack and then bind Oculus Rift to mouse movement. Other than that the only solution is to get Superllama to work with this again I would love to, but I don't have a DK2.

As soon as I get one though, I'm planning on finishing this. Like I edited the OP to say-- the main reason I stopped with this was because the DK2 came out I didn't have one, so there was little point in doing anything more with my old DK1. The other reason was because I had a major spine infection-- that's all healed now though so I'm hoping to get back into VR modding as soon as I can afford a DK2.

Morrowind For Love Or Money Mod Ets2

Free download Morrowind For Love Or Money Mod programs. Morrowind Code Patch Introduction This is a companion/quest mod. Romance English Version by Fandorn Delavie and the Wiwiland team. This mod is the English translation of the original French mod. There is a 'Love' scene. Romance English Version at Morrowind Nexus. In addition, there is a crap ton of mods that add content to the game (Star. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is exactly what it sounds like. Morrowind is my favorite game (next to smash 64) and while I love it idk how well I can endorse it now. Trading is fun too, money is very important in the game since you do.

That would help a lot actually-- I still have a paypal account from when I made Runecraft back in 2010. Is the address; if you guys can raise about $200 or so towards a DK2, I'll buy one right away and finish this mod correctly. It's definitely not that I don't want to finish it, I'm just on a tight budget this year and can't afford anything big that I don't really need, and there's really no point in finishing the DK1 version anymore. I was originally just going to wait until I could get a consumer rift, but if you want to speed things up and get it done sooner I'm definitely willing to cooperate. I might even try building a version for MGEXE, though I can't say for sure how well that would work without trying it first. I'll also see what I can do about the annoying Pitch issue so you don't have to hack your mouse sensitivity and stuff:P.

Morrowind For Love Or Money Mod Ets2

Hey SuperLlama, glad you replied. As soon as I have a spare $200 I will send it to you, provided you remain on board with supporting Morrowind with VR! You are the only talented dedicated VR developer for Morrowind I know of, so it would be a sad day for the Morrowind community if we were to loose you. Al brooks trading price action reversals pdf creator online. Give me at-least a month or two to get you that $200 USD.

Do you have a facebook or a Skype or anything so I can stay in contact with you SuperLlama? I'm actually developing a VR commercial product myself you may be interested in also, an entertainment enclosure the user sits inside of and plays video games in.

Send me a Private Message to my Oculus Forum account and I will add you on either Skype or Facebook. Hey SuperLlama, Just wanted to inform you that I have just sent you $200 USD to continue this project. The funds were raised by Myself, and two friends, Walter Parsons and Marc Hansen, so please, I can't accept all the credit. I too am working on a VR project and know just how limited funds can hinder an entire project.

The only time I stop to play video games is playing Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, but only you can provide the adequate VR support it needs to keep the greatest video game universe ever created alive. I humbly request that you can keep us updated with regular posts to this page for all the other Morrowind fans to see! You will have my continued support for the lifetime of this project. Thank you for all your work so far, and in advance for what you are able create with the new DK2.

Can't wait to see what you can do! Good news is I got the rift working on a Windows 7 partition.

Bad news is that Oculus is evil and apparently discontinued support for DirectX 9 with the DevKit 2. This means I'll have to mod MGE to use DX11 instead of DX9.

Currently considering making a drop-in d3d9.dll, which is to MGE what MGE is to Morrowind-- converts it up to a different directx version and adds extra features (in this case VR support). One benefit of doing that as opposed to simply porting MGE is it could probably be used as a base to eventually VR-ify Skyrim, too. I'll keep you guys posted on progress. I'm not going to let Oculus decide which games can run on their headset and which ones can't.

EDIT: Made a DLL which at least gets through the adapter enumeration and displays a messagebox saying it's pretending to create a Device. Now to make it actually create a Device. EDIT 2: Got it creating a device, working on vertex buffers and textures now. Shouldn't be too long til it can render a frame, hopefully. Good news-- thanks to the recent SDK update I finally have my DK2 working on my primary Windows 10 partition, which will make it a lot easier for me to work on this in shorter bursts instead of having to wait for a day when I have nothing else (which hasn't happened in a month.). Hopefully I'll have it actually rendering something soon but I still don't have an ETA because of everything else going on in my life.