We think there's something very compelling about open world multiplayer Now to me this hints of 'non arena/area' based modes, an 'open world multiplayer' also hints of actually large player amount based gameplay, large amount of players that console servers can handle at least, of course I could be totally wrong. If your are familiar with the SA:MP client for the original San Andreas, some might say its a niche side of the game, then others would say its a huge side of the San Andreas game, taking the original game and transforming it into an actual 'living world' populated with other real players roleplaying everything from being a cop/drug dealer/farmer/paramedic/gang member/army personnel.the list is endless with the code scripting being able to be done with the SA:MP client. Now what does Dan mean by this quote?. We think there's something very compelling about open world multiplayer. We believe this is the game with which we will finally convince other people of that, a large number of other people.

We just need to get closer before we're quite ready to show it I can't help it but to think this comment could aimed at the PC gamers. Sure there is something compelling about 'open world multiplayer'!, I think Blizzard found that out a while back and capitalized on it with' World of warcraft', few questions though.

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1: Who is this comment really aimed at? 2: Who needs convincing? 3: Why do those finally need convincing? 4: Who are the large group of people he is referring to? Is it the PC gamers market?, console gamers market?, neither?, game developers?, I don't know.

Gamemode for Garry's Mod featuring multiplayer video streaming. RPG gamemode for SA-MP. Racing roleplay gamemode for Multi Theft Auto.


Thoughts on what(if anything) the new multiplayer will bring to both the console and PC side of GTA V?, I just hope the PC version(if one comes out) of GTA V will give talented coders/developers the opportunity to make a third party LS:MP client for GTA V at some point if the in game original multiplayer fails to deliver, just like the SA:MP client for San Andreas. SAMP was a fun time but it was made by a third party. IVMP took forever to make and it's still buggy, but seeing something with V would be great. I wouldn't mind a USRP or SARP type of server in an HD era game. I would mind that. Servers like those can barely even be classed as 'classic' roleplaying servers (such as Godfather, Valhalla, and LSRP) and are more RPG territory -- scripts that focus on the pursuit of stats over deep immersion in your role. If you wanted that, you could just as easily play the campaign and grind up as much gaudy tat as you can with your hard-earned dollars.

That aside, I'd love to see something along the lines of SA:MP's roleplaying scripts as an R*-endorsed gamemode but it won't happen for various reasons beyond anybody's control. Lessons need to be learned from SA:MP and MTA to make third-party V:MP a truly memorable experience, namely building the mod on a more powerful language such as LUA, as opposed to the rather outdated PAWN that SA:MP still relies on. Apologies if this is a little garbled. Contoh proposal dan skripsi manajemen keuangan.