I strongly believe that a good designer can use whatever tools they have available to make great work. Of course pro fonts are better than non-pro ones, but i've seen plenty of examples of work done with legal, free (or cheap)fonts, that is great. If you can't afford to buy pro fonts, look for quality free type, or stretch yourself and see hoe you can make the bundled system fonts work for you. Also, i know this has been said before, but if you do get into video production, and start making videos, do you expect people to buy them from you? If yes, then why are you happy to not pay for fonts that are not free? Have you heard the saying 'what goes around, comes around'? FWIW, the user profile links to a YouTube 'homepage' () which in turn reveals (possibly falsely, possibly not) that Ulrich22, a.k.a.

Camden Brooks (?), is a high school kid, purported 'video production schools' notwithstanding. In any case, twerps ain't allowed to play with grownup typefaces — unless, of course, they can filch daddy's credit card or otherwise pony up requisite cash. 'Somebody here on this website has it,' he says. Doubtless true enough, as a plain declarative, but they paid for such wares (i.e., not warez).


Iconics genesis 32 keygen music. He further claims to have 'downloaded it from here b4'. Not a chance, lad. Not on a bet. Then go here. Wow, I can't believe this thread has gone on this far. Ulrich, I do understand the love of a font, and the deep deep desire to own a copy that you could use.but there are rules and laws.


Buy it, or find a version that you can afford. No one here will give it to you, and if they do, it's a shame. Instead of asking for the font, ask people where you can find close versions for an affordable price, there are TONS of similar fonts for almost everyone worth owning. To an untrained eye, it will look practically identical. That is a question you will have answered with enthusiasm from this board.

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Well, looking at this from the other perspective, although it's not impossible, it's unlikely our friend Ulrich is using any sort of professional typesetting software for his essay anyway, so the majority of the advanced features in a pro font could never be used anyway. If he's using a simple word processor like Word of OpenOffice he won't even have abilities like kerning or any sort of meaningful control over the type. Ulrich22, yes, I agree with you that Neutraface looks nice, but for high school the teachers often require Times New Roman.

Before using any custom typeface at all, check with you teacher to see what they expect. For my english classes I had Font, Size, Spacing, Margins all required to be specific values. We didn't get marks off if it was wrong, in my school if it was wrong it didn't get marked. I'm gonna make a suggestion, don't tear me apart on this one. For me, when I look at Neutraface, it reminds me of the same feeling as Futura and Century Gothic.

(especially the Capitals) Check to see if you have Futura or Century Gothic already, you often have one of the two pre-installed. Best of luck, innovati!

Download novel terjemahan gratis. Tahoma = Neutraface (just kidding) What irks me is that Ulrich is so pissed off. Hey guy, maybe you DID download the font from here (which I seriously doubt), but it's not here any more. Get over it, and don't flame the folks that are telling you so.

We all use fonts, and we actually BUY them. I'm not made of money either, but I bought Neutraface (and Neutra2 when it was released) -- I haven't recouped my investment yet, but probably will eventually. But as a (occasional) type designer, I take issue with the idea of posting them for free. Yes, (unscrupulous) people do it, but NOT HERE.

Try limewire. It's the attitude more than the request that appalls me. Not everyone (especially a high school kid) knows about font piracy, he made what he thought was an innocent request. More educated minds on this forum told him his request was illegal and now he's pissed! Ulrich, if you are still reading, you learned something here - that font sharing is illegal. Rather than get all nasty about it, use a free font for your school project (people were kind enough to send you some links) and try to save up some money to buy Neutraface down the road. It is a lovely font but NOBODY here is going to give it to you.