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How to Delete Undeletable Font? JarretCade 2008-09-10 04:38:03 UTC #1. Ok, a weird title but bear with me. SimSun & NSimSun. When you view the fonts in the folder that is how they.

Ok, a weird title but bear with me. Sometimes when I try to run a program that uses Java I receive an assertion error that I eventually figured out has to do with a corrupt font(s). I've read that I should go in to my Fonts folder and remove all of the fonts that don't have a green/black O or a red A as an icon.

I tried doing this but I have come across a few fonts that just wont budge. There are 9 fonts and their names are rather unordinary: Batang & BatangChe & Gungsuh & GungsuhChe Gulim & GulimChe & Dotum & DotumChe Meiryo & Meiryo Italic Meiryo Bold & Meiryo Bold Italic MingLiU & PMingLiU & MingLiU_HKSCS MingLiU-ExtB& PMingLiU-ExtB & MingLiU.

MS Gothic & MS PGothic & MS UI Gothic MS Mincho & MS PMincho SimSun & NSimSun When you view the fonts in the folder that is how they are displayed, however their real file names are as follows in order as I posted: batang.ttc gulim.ttc meiryo.ttc meiryob.ttc mingliu.ttc mingliub.ttc msgothic.ttc msmincho.ttc simsun.ttc So I am not sure why they are being displayed differently then their real file names. Anyways, when I try to delete any of the fonts I receive a Destination Folder Access Denied error. I have read around earlier today that you receive this because you aren't set as the Administrator which I am set as, so that point doesn't matter. When I go and try to change the permissions on the files there is a Username TrustedInstaller that has full permissions for the files. I cannot change the permissions of that username and I cannot change permissions of SYSTEM/Administrator/Users accounts to be able to delete the files. I tried booting into safe mode and deleting the files as well but no luck there.

The.ttc extension stands for TrueType Collection and the files range in anywhere from 7.45-32.2MB and seem to be a container for numerous fonts. I am almost positive that these files are creating the assertion error.

Does anybody know how to delete these files? Fish marillion singer. When I try to move them it only copies the file. Anybody know what to do other then a reformat? Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Working I have gone through and checked every font in the folder opening and closing them one by one to see if there were any invalid files, none existed. I had also read that the error can sometimes be caused by a font in the Fonts listed as a shortcut instead of an actual file but no shortcuts exist.

Nsimsun Font

Ok, after looking into it more, I have found that there are 689 font files inside of my Fonts folder. But when I go to view the Fonts inside of the folder I can only see 158 files. Through a Windows search I am able to find the remaining font files hidden under the extension.fon but I cannot view them in the Fonts folder no matter what. Have tried setting the folder settings to view all system files including protected ones and nothing still.

Nsimsun Font

This is what has lead me to believe is the real problem and that there is a messed up font as one of the.fon files or possibly even all of them. Has anybody had any experience with this? Or know how to view/delete the.fon files?

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