I've been watching it closely develop for a while and think it looks extremely promising but if you're going to be using it for your primary renderer, you would be much better off building a separate desktop system with a graphics card much better than the GT330. You want maximum cores and the GT 330 only has 48 compared to a GTX460's 336. With Octane, cpu is 'nearly' irrelevant so any computer with a single (or multiple depending on how much you want to scale up) PCI-E slot will suffice for the graphics card. You could build such a computer for way less than $1k. I'd personally go with a Xeon W3520 Bloomfield as they overclock like monsters, and 12gb's of ram. CUDA is available on nearly any Nvidia graphics card, it doesn't have to be a high-end workstation (generally the 'workstation' class systems come with higher quality control before the machine leaves the factory and usually comes with better warranties built-into the price which obviously have their benefits.

Octane Render 3.07. Since then, the company has grown to over 60 employees across four offices with headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Product: Octane Render Version: 3.07 with Cinema 4D 3.07 R2 Plugin and Sample Scenes, demo suite Supported Architectures: x64 Language: english System Requirements: PC Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP.

You should have a massive amount of air moving towards the graphics card when rendering. As already mentioned, I'd be cautious of using octane on a laptop for fear of the heat generated. Well, my experience with Octane Render was good with some limitations regarding the export/import process every frame that wasted the render speed of the renderer.


That said, I had to develop some kind of add on which I names Octane Power Tools that overcome this limitation and allowed me to render my archviz animation without wasting time, in addition to animate light and add several animated cameras to the scene and some other things. So in conclusion, Octane Render is good if used with the right set of tools and work around it's limitations. Hi, Youre infringing on our trademark with google adwords.

I am getting customers emailing me to license octane power tools, and others who are posting on the forum complaining. Octanerender is a registered trademark and you are not in your rights to advertise on it. Its causing a lot of problems for us.

I will have my lawyer send you a cease and decist letter on monday and if no remedy is taken, we will start legal procedings from stopping you. Also, we will refund your licenses, deactivate them, and remove community access, as everyone is extremely annoyed with your constant spamming of the forums, if you do not halt your adwords campaign based on any of our trademarks, being octane render and refractive software, and change the name of your product to not include terms of it, as its deceptive and misleading towards possible customers. We are losing business because of you.

Embed baixar-livro-o-pensamento-politico-de-thomas-hobbes-de-paulo-henrique-faria-nunes-pdf-ebook,-mobi,-epub.pdf. Baixar livro leviathan thomas hobbes pdf merger.

We have worked very hard to make octanerender a successfull product and we will not tolerate your abuse of our brand and work. Yours, Terrence Vergauwen Founder & CEO / Refractive Software(R) LTD --------------------------------------------------------------- That was the email I got from Radiance of Refractive Software, to me HMK the developer of Octane Power Tools. I can't see how a software provider is very annoyed and aggressively trying to stop another software that is marketed as a tool or add on or plugin to the main software, and it fills a gap and solves a problem that all the users are suffering from. My software is called 'Octane Power Tools', and in it's ad on google it says 'render faster animation with octane render', and on our website we stated clearly that we are not a part of refractive, and that octane render (with a link to refractive site) is one of the best GPU renders out there. Can any one tell me what might make refractive loose clients and sales in that?!

Nothing, it actualy should increase sales. The other thing, what spamming he is talking about? He means my signature, he is very very annoyed that ppl are knowing my website thru my signature! He says he got complains, show them please, and I guarantee he won't, or he will show us some msgs from some of the related ppl to refractive in a way or another. 3 weeks ago or something I got an email from radiance saying that he stopped my pm access because ppl complained that am msging them about power tools, I asked him to show the complains and he ignored me. Now he is threatening me with a lawyer and saying that he will deactivate my 2 licenses that I bought more than a year ago. What kind of company is this?!

I chose to make this public because the guy has a real problem with any one doing a business about octane render that is not under his control. Software developers and companies encourage ppl to create tools and plugins around their products, simply because this make the software richer and help the users to solve the projects needs. 2-3 days ago I saw someone's post on a forum saying 'did Terrance ban half of his clients and prevented them from accessing the forum yet?' Strange post, but it says a lot. Do you guys remember cubix expander? He stopped supporting them out if the blue saying ppl are complaining, there was a long thread from the users on Refractive's saying that this makes no sense and that no one ever complained! A year ago I talked with Terrance about Octane Power Tools, his answer was no we don't need it because we will support animation in 2 months, and only a handful will buy the tool.

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