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I highly recommend you don't spoil yourself/read the script because despite the trailer, there's still some hefty twists that work quite well. It's a lot more impressive than the trailers let on. Really beautiful movie, but the ending is what's sticking with me. SPOILERS for the obtuse The fact that all five thousand hibernation pods got ejected into space is terrifying and horrible. Especially since there's only three scenes after that. The movie even went out of its way to emphasize that each person had their own personality, hopes, lives I was honestly expecting Jim and Aurora to try and rescue them all even though by the time they've gone back the pods would already be dead It sorta gives me the same sense of dreaded awe after seeing the movie 2012.

Watching widespread death on such a colossal scale is an oddly terrifying feeling. Also, the trailer that came out today has a shot or two of other people. Does this mean in the movie they save some people before the ejections? Or did they cut out the ejections entirely? Or are those shots from the very end of the movie when the ship lands and the generational family disembarks? Edit: also, assuming the ending remains unchanged, there is really potential for a sequel e.g.

Life on the aging spacecraft. The endings are different but I suggest you do a Google search for the scripts as I am not willing too take the risk and share them here and or point someone to the exact link from where I managed to find them.

I will say this the bartender is pretty much the same in both versions and from all the online previews I have seen recently. The previews also do not show as much of Aurora Dunn / Jennifer Lawrence and the conflict / anger she has towards Jim Preston / Chris Pratt. I also can't get a solid read on which ending the studio went with. Each one had it's merits. The genetic banks.

The always appealing Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence anchor this sci-fi from screenwriter Jon Spaihts. (Prometheus) that finds two. Instead, the pair face a lifetime aboard the ship, with just each other for company.

The ship contained reproductive material from each passenger. Obviously that many children couldn't be produced from a single pair without generic diseases caused by incest. So they must've used the genetic banks for artificial insemination. Program toko ipos 4 keygen softwares 2016. That could easily be accomplished with the help of all that advanced medical tech. Like I said in the OP, there's really potential for a sequel or TV series set during those 88 years as the ship-bound colony grows and adapts the ship only designed to support 5000 awake people for 2 months.

Gabriele Muccino's film Passengers starring Keanu Reeves is due out next year, and I was luck enough to get my hands on what seemed to be a copy of the script from Jon Spaihts. As with these things it's probably quite an early draft, something that is backed up when reading it, but it's also pretty good too. You might remember the last time I talked about the film I was starting to be a little sceptical.