News [8/31/16]: Not much time to play games, so this is a small update and there'll probably be a while before another one. Good news, is that there's some English translations that have come out recently, and the author's have given me permission to host. Nov 27, 2018 - Indie game bullet-hell series Touhou Project debuted in 1996. These original PC-98 releases are currently on sale in Tokyo's Akihabara. Colossal Vintage Game Collection, 35 Years In The Making, Will Be Auctioned This.

Pc98 Game CollectionPc98 hdi

PC98 NeedsABetterDescription. The [=PC98=] was the Japanese equivalent of the Western PC during the days of DOS. NEC, its manufacturer, held a monopoly on computers until the IBM PC came to Japan. Game of thrones s03e01 french 720p torrent download. For more details see [[the other wiki's article]]. More interesting about the [=PC98=] was it's collection of games, many of them being NSFW. [[Here is an incomplete list.]] In fact, the [=PC98=] most likely holds the title of most Hentai games on a platform. It NeedsMoreLove; you probably only know about it if you play Touhou.

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