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Click to expand.No. They originate in different companies, although they are both industry standards now and hence manufactured by a lot of companies.

5532Persamaan ic 5532

The NE5532 originates at Signetics, which was swallowed by Philips at some point. The NE4558 originated as the Raytheon RC4558 if I remember correctly. The specs are different. You may be able to substitute one for the other in many cases, but whether it works depends on the circuit requirements. Buy horse racing manager 2 english manual nsln. For example, the NE5532 is lower noise than the NE4558, but has larger input offset currents. The NE5532 is a much later design (by Han Huijsing if I recall right -- 'Professor Op Amp' according to a plaque his students made) for much more bandwidth and lower noise than the 741/LM101 design class of the 1960s, of which the 1458 is a dual variant.

They are not at all related. The NE5532 was, I believe, designed partly to serve audio applications, where the 741-class at about 1 MHz gain-BW product (i.e., open-loop gain of 50 at 20 kHz) and 0.6 V/usec slewing, is not really fast enough. You can find full info on it at the Philips Semiconductors Web site. Please note that it is one L in this particular Philips (two L's for the laxative or the screw). I recall the original 1458 being the Motorola MC1558/MC1458 (different temperature grades), though I would defer to better knowledge of the product; and it became a commodity part second-sourced throughout the industry.

Philips acquired Signetics (parent of the SE/NE part numbers) in 1978. They were the firms 'A' and 'B' (maybe not in that order) in my story about public relations and firm names, not long ago. 'MiniEmma' in message news:c1at2v$5ld$.

Click to expand.Yet another very important difference will manifest itself if the 4558 circuit uses one or both of the op-amps as a comparator. The 5532 has antiparallel diodes between the + and - inputs, thus keeping them always within 0.6V of each other. This causes a 5532 to be a 'bad' comparator, even worse than a 'regular' op-amp as a comparator. Quoting a followup by the OP: If it's for a one-off replacement, you might as well use a 4558 - if you don't have the schematic of the circuit and don't know exactly what it does, then you definitely should use only a 4558.

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