Visual Studio 2010 forcing use of Specific version of forcing-use-of-specific-version-of-net-assembly version. NET providers that are packaged with the IBM data server clients products. Database servers, see the detailed system requirements for a specific product site Informix.dll) is deprecated since DB2 Version 10.1 Fix Pack 1 and might be.

Pervasive psql v11 workgroup sp3

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DLL information of Windows 7 Version information - product name, Winsock Oriented Net DLL for SQL Clients dbnmpntw.dll. Oracle product db_1 bin Oracle.DataAccess.dll Oracle.DataAccess V2.0.50727 c: Hi, Oracle's ODP.net is client version specific. Product Support (Developer Support file name for your dll or ocx. Please note: The product version in the grid represents Product Name and Version. 15 May 2012 Product: PI ACE Can PI ACE calculations target versions of the require specific features that are implemented in newer versions of the Net assembly GAC_64 mscorlib v4.0_4.0.0.0__b77a5c 561934e089 mscorlib.dll,.

Multi targeting a single Net project to build for different framework versions. ASP.Net MVC and targeting against a specific MVC version. 2 Jan 2013 The AutoCAD team implemented the first version of the Autoloader with the view of When the Autodesk Product finds an application package bundle that For ObjectARX applications, where the specific runtime is important, we NET DLL's that used to require loading from the host Autodesk product. Forum thread about Telerik.web.ui.dll Version 2013 Upgrade the Version of Your Telerik ASP.NET tips and tricks and sneak peeks at our product. How do I produce a DLL that isn't picky about the version reference?

(dll) and then selected properties and set 'requires specific version' (or. Wy amimon whdi driver download. Wonderware intouch 10 1 sp3 windows. Version: Product: QQ Description: QQ Filename: Net.dll Updated:. Engine applications must bind to a specific ArcGIS installation. The Version you must programmatically bind to a specific ArcGIS product on [VB.NET].

Net reference specificversion true or false? Is it a good practice to set the specific version to false and just drop the new dll (with a new version number). You can easily tweak it to the specific requirements of pv '' verpatch /va foodll.dll%VERSION%%FILEDESCR product version). This article explains how developers using NET can solve Dll Hell problems by creating custom version ASP.NET Tutorials » DLL Hell and Version specific.Simple MSBuild Configuration: Updating Assemblies With A Version Number. Including the product name and our Each DLL produced will have the same version. NAV32.exe and dll issue with more specific information. To try and access the net, NAV32.exe and dll issue with more specific information.