Grinder School poker training site review. For many online poker players, the high stakes games we see on TV are far from reality. So we concentrate on the low/micro stakes games, honing our poker skills and mastering the game, progressing steadily over time.

As we mentioned in our new strategy article ', to succeed at the micro-stakes you have to stick to a simple and clear playing style. You also have to be aware of who you’re playing as much as how you’re playing. Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Williams is currently living the dream of many poker players: Grinding away in Thailand and enjoying life as much as possible. Living the Poker Dream in Thailand In the coming months Williams will be teaming up with PokerListings.com to help you succeed at micro-stakes online poker. We're getting things started with the in-depth interview below and will continue with original beginner poker strategy content and a monthly Q&A session in which Williams will answer your poker strategy questions.

PokerListings: What do you think is the biggest reason for your success and how have you sustained it for such a long period of time? BlackRain79: I think it just comes from taking a very long-term and rational approach to this game. I have my bad days, weeks or months just like everybody else but I don’t allow it to get me down too much.


I use it as motivation to get better. I try to keep up with the ever-changing environment of online poker as best as I can. For instance, I don’t blindly 24-table anymore. I play quite a bit fewer tables on average in order to spend more of my time on game selection and making high-quality poker decisions. BlackRain79's first strategy book has become the micro-stakes strategy bible. I guess lastly, I just expect to always win in the end.

I believe that confidence is one of the biggest keys to success in poker and life in general really. My past results certainly help with that but I have long maintained that when you sit down at a poker table you should not only believe but know that you are the best player at that table. This is not a blind ego thing. This is a belief in your abilities that comes from the work that you have put in both at the tables and away from them over a long period of time.

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PL: Do you think what you’ve done is still achievable these days or are the micro-stakes a different animal now? The win-rates that I was able to sustain 5+ years ago are not really achievable anymore to the same extent. The games have tightened up a fair bit since then for a variety of reasons. With that said, if you are determined and disciplined enough there is still plenty of money to be made in poker. It should be mentioned that rakeback programs have in many cases gotten better over this period of time also. PL: What’s your current playing schedule at the micro-stakes and how does your win-rate compare to the past few years?

Poker Strategy For Micro Stakes Grinder

I have become more of a morning person in recent years and I guess especially so because I live in Asia now and that is when the games are the best. So on the days that I play I generally just get going first thing in the morning and grind for a couple of hours. Sometimes I will play another session in the afternoon or just be done for the day. PL: Have you had to adjust your playing style much to stay profitable? I have definitely adjusted my playing style quite a bit over the years. It used to be enough to just be a terrible nit and set-mine your way to success at some fairly decent stakes. That is not a winning strategy anymore.

So I have gone from being a weak nit to a TAG (tight and aggressive), SLAG (semi-loose and aggressive) and now sometimes LAG (loose and aggressive) if the game conditions demand it. PL: What do you think is the best way for a beginner in the micro-stakes to work on his or her game? I think a combination of play and study is the best. When I first started there weren’t many study options available (training sites didn’t really exist yet, most of the books were archaic or about live poker specifically, not many coaches, forums in their infancy etc.).

So I basically just learned through playing a lot. 'Everyone learns differently,' says Nathan Williams. But the times are much different now and the quality of information available out there is vastly improved.