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I have the MSI 990fxa gaming board and no matter the ULPS state it will show the 2nd or 3rd card in board monitor in bios but it never shows more then one in device manager.never get the option to crossfire in CCC or crimson no matter the driver.bout ready to chunk it and go back with a msi 990fxa gd80 thats always worked awesome.any ideas? I even wrote a batch file that disables ULPS every time the computer reboots to no avail.before this mobo gets a 75rnd drum in it i would honestly like to SEE IT WORK ONCE. Vertex tools sketchup crack version of minecraft.

I do have one question and I hope it hasnt already been asked and answered. But, lately it seems that AB and Crimson dont play together well. One example is that Crimson will save the OC I set in AB even when I do not check the 'apply overclock at startup'. So when I black screen hitting max OC it can be tricky getting the machine post and boot. My question is this: If we disable this way WITHOUT first disabling ULPS in AB, are there additional entries that we need to look for? (ie the entry that AB wouldve changed by disabling ULPS through its interface).


In earlier versions of Crimson one of the registry values mentioned here was changed by AB and one was not. Is that still the same scenario?