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PSP fans can be excited about the new PSP 5.50 firmware update which is ready to download now (official site download link below). Some of the new features updates for the new PSP 5.50 firmware version include: Information Board XMB Interface, which was already seen on the. This new addition lets users receive updated information, PSP news, and other details about the Playstation Network including updates of Playstation Home. In order to stay current with all the information you can simply log on with your PSP using a local WiFi connection. Moreover, you could also search for PSP games right from the XMB using the Internet. In addition, the Memory Stick now has added options, such as creation of new folders and sub categories, so you can organize all your PSP videos, games, music and images you have been storing. There are also added security features in the new PSP 5.50 firmwareas a trial.

These include protection of personal details or lock areas from children access. Playstation promises great new features will continually be added, but in the meantime, you can download the PSP 5.50 firmware update at their.

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PSP 3.51 M33 Installation 1 - If your PSP is in firmware 1.50, copy the folders kxploitpatcher and kxploitpatcher% which are in the '1.50only' folder to ms0:/PSP/GAME/ and run the patcher first. 2 - if you already have firmware SE/OE, copy the folder M33CREATOR to ms0:/PSP/GAME150 if you have 1.50 copy to ms0:/PSP/GAME 3 - Download the firmware update 3.51 and rename to 351.PBP and copy into the ms0:/PSP/GAME/M33CREATOR/ or for 1.50 users to ms0:/PSP/GAME150/M33CREATOR/ 4 - Download the firmware update 1.50 and rename to 150.PBP and copy into the 'ms0:/PSP/GAME/M33CREATOR/' or 'ms0:/PSP/GAME150/M33CREATOR/' 5 - on your PSP, run the '3.51 M33 CREATOR'. Once finished, the PSP will return to the XMB, and a new program, the '3.51 M33UPDATE' appears! 6 -now run '3.51 M33UPDATE'. 7 - Once finishes, press on X to shutt off.

Restart manually.-M33 Team Download and Give Feedback Via Comments For more information and downloads, click! There are Forum Info Users online: wraggster, Guests online: 585.

Psp Games Firmware 5 51 Mets

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