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Comments: Aldrin Somera, a commenter of this blog post, said that the DFA at ASEANA did not accept the supporting documents if there is no valid ID. Because of this, I suggest that you get a valid ID when applying for passport. Another commenter said that the DFA doesn't accept student driver's license. Aycee, another commenter, said that the DFA accepted the postal ID as valid ID for her aunt's and cousin's passport application. Nfinium mentioned that DFA accepted her application even if she doesn't have ay valid ID.

She submitted supporting documents that have photos like NBI clearance, police clearance and TOR with picture. In the early comments, I said that supporting documents can be used in obtaining a passport even if you don't have any valid ID.

Please disregard those old comments of mine. I was corrected by helpful commenters on this blog post. They clarified that valid ID is needed and the supporting documents is just used bolster the validity of your identity as shown on the ID. Contoh proposal penawaran produk pdf free Take note that the DFA is inconsistent when it comes to accepting IDs not included in their list of acceptable IDs. So, to be on the safe side I suggest that you bring valid ID when applying for a passport.