December 29, 2009 Intuit has released the QuickBooks 2010 R5 update to manual update, and probably to automatic update later today. This update includes the features I talked about from the short lived a few weeks ago, without the sales tax bug that was introduced. Let me summarize the “revision mania” here.

Dec 29, 2009 - Intuit has released the QuickBooks 2010 R5 update to manual update. Free novecento wide book fonts and sizes. The R5 update has a lot of value and it is an update you should install.

Then I’ll talk about the changes, and give a recommendation. Revisions, revisions In mid December Intuit released the, which resolved a number of issues that people were complaining about. A complete list of the changes wasn’t released at that time. However, the R4 update introduced another problem, affecting a sales tax report, and they removed the update very quickly once this was discovered. The R5 update includes the R4 updates without introducing that sales tax error. What about R3?

It was never released. Nothing to worry about there. If you have R1, R2 or R4, you can update directly to R5 without having to do any intermediate updates. And, this change is not as big as upgrading from 2009 to 2010 (or the infamous ).

Not sure what you are running now? Run QuickBooks and press the F2 key to see what you are running. Update – If you use a 64 bit system then this update introduces a new bug – see my article on the. What has changed R5 is actually a small change from R4 – the only difference being that the sales tax revenue summary report that was broken by R4 is now fixed.

But, since it is very unlikely that you have the R4 update, the R5 update will provide you with a lot of changes. I’m going to summarize them, and only list the ones that I think are important to most commercial users (there are a few additional changes useful to accountants and CPAs). You can see the full list in the. For many people, the biggest changes are the ability to “hide” more of the annoying Intuit advertisements that took up too much space on the screen.

See the Getting Rid of Things section of my for screen shots and details. Other changes: • Accounts Payable: Changing the Quantity on a Purchase Order while a linked Bill is open will now update the Quantity on the Bill. • Accounts Receivable: Creating an invoice from an estimate no longer causes 0.00 to appear on description only lines. • Accounts Receivable:Typing an existing vendor name in customer:job dropdown then tabbing out no longer generates the message “Name not found”. • Accounts Receivable: Deposits can now be created without selecting payments that are displaying in the Payments to Deposit window. • Accounts Receivable: Change of customer on a saved invoice now changes the customer to be e-mailed. • Accounts Receivable: While editing a Bill, Check, or Credit Card Charge you can now edit the Memo or Ref field more than 1 time in the same edit session.

• Accounts Receivable: QuickBooks no longer unexpectedly exits intermittently when a user clicks multiple times on blank line items on forms like invoices or a sales receipts after clicking save. • Accounts Receivable: Check transactions are now listed in the deposit form even if there aren’t any QuickBooks transactions associated with it.

• Centers: Improved the speed of the time it takes to load the Employee Center. • Client Data Review: If you are an accountant using this feature (or you are using the Accountants Edition in your own business to get this feature) you should seriously consider this update, as ther eis a long list of errors and changes that affect the Client Data Review feature.


See the Intuit update page for details. 27 changes, some of them are significant if you use the particular feature that is changed. • Company Snapshot: This is becoming one of my favorite features in the 2010 release. There are a number of improvements here. Performance improvements, small fixes, and a number of new Widgets to add (see my ). Since the fixes here don’t affect the basic accuracy of your database, the changes aren’t urgent. • Database: No longer get Not enough disk space warning while opening Company file on network drive that has enough disk space.

• Database: The message “Not enough memory to complete this operation. Exiting program.” no longer appears while performing clean up on the company file. • Document Management: If you are using the Intuit Document Management feature there are a number of improvements and fixes.

The biggest, in my opinion, is that you can now drag and drop files and Microsoft Outlook emails to the Attachments window for QuickBooks Document Management. There are some error messages that have been resolved, and better scanner support. • Intuit Statement Writer: 17 bug fixes and improvements here. If you use this tool extensively, you should consider updating. • Inventory: If an existing inventory adjustment is modified by removing one of it’s line items it no longer returns an error.