Randy Newman was the nephew of film composers Alfred, Emil, and Lionel Newman, which would suggest at least some familiarity with the field, even though he had only scored one minor movie (Cold Turkey).

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In the early 1970s, James Taylor introduced his song “Steamroller Blues” by invoking “so-called blues groups making a lot of noise” around Greenwich Village in the late ’60s. “They weren’t very good,” he recalled in one television performance, all the while looking down at his feet but grinning. “They were mostly white kids in from the suburbs with electric guitars and amplifiers that their parents had bought them for Christmas and birthdays. Their idea of soul was volume they just crank it up, you know.

And they were singing all these heavy songs, like, ‘I’m a Man,’ or ‘I’m a Jackhammer,’ or ‘I’m a Ton o’ Bricks.’” Taylor would jokingly confess that he’d wanted in on this action, so he’d written “the heaviest blues tune” he knew. Hence: “Steamroller Blues.” A churnin’ urn of burnin’ funk.


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