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You don't really put it on a Delphi form. You define it, as rfwoolf indicated, for printing but there is also a way to bring it up as a Print Preview. That doesn't put it in a 'Delphi form,' though.

ReportsRave Reports Tutorial

Programming Tutorials & Information. Home Delphi-Kylix Creating Reports with Delphi and ADO. Creating Reports with Delphi and ADO (Page 1 of 4 ) Download the application source code here. From Delphi 7 onwards those components have been replaced with Rave Report components. Now, I've been told that you can still install and use Quick.

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It's kind of like doing a Print Preview from IE.. It comes up in its own window. Other than that, asking how to do Rave reports is kind of like asking how to build a cabinet.. It all depends on what you want to have on/in it and it is far to broad of a topic for this forum. I learned to do Rave reports by doing them and then asking questions about the parts I couldn't get to work like I wanted them to.;-).

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