By: Brandon Wolfson () Follow on Twitter The newly released Scott Pilgrim game that just arrived on the PSN (AUG 24th on XBLA) is mostly based off of the original comic which was the inspiration of this week’s upcoming film Scott Pilgrim vs The World. The story is about a guy named Scott that is in love with this girl Ramona and must defeat her 7 Exes in a fight for her to win his love. Sounds perfect for a video game story. What makes this game very special is that it is a throwback to retro video games of the 80’s and 90’s. Remember the good old days of Double Dragon, River City Ransom and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Now is your chance to get those nostalgic memories back with this throwback that is more “beefed up” for the next generation not only in terms of the excellent 2D sprite look but also in the combat where you have the ability to level up characters and learning new attacks which keeps the combat fresh.

Another feature that this game features is exploration. Players have the ability to enter stores and purchase food and special items with the loot that enemies drop upon defeat. This is a throwback to River City Ransom giving the game more of an RPG feel to it. Long time video game players will also notice all of the past video game/retro pop culture references that are littered throughout the game. Here are a few right off the bat: Super Mario Brothers 2 – Character select screen Super Mario Brothers 3 – Map and level selection TMNT Arcade Game – Flashing bosses when they are low on HP 8 bit NES style soundtrack There are many more. Here are some classic codes that are references to old console games: Street Fighter 2 (SNES) – Players can elect the same character – Down, R1, Up, L1, Triangle, Circle Mortal Kombat (Genesis) – Blood code – X, Circle, X, Square, X, Circle Circle There is loads of replay value to this game as well. It is 4 players which makes it a great party (and drinking game).There are extra characters to unlock as well as a Zombie Mode which is a survival mode to see how long the player can last against hordes of zombies and a Boss Rush which grants players to re-fight all of the bosses is the game.


Scott Pilgrim will only set you back $10 on the PSN and I could not recommend this game enough. It is the most fun I have had with a game in months so check it out.

“Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game” is a side-scrolling beat ’em up game based on the Scott Pilgrim series of comic books by Bryan Lee O’Malley, tying in with the release of the film of the same name. Sprites that appear in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game.

August 11th, 2010 (Note: Image has the European release date) Who would have thought that Bryan Lee O’Malley’s “ Scott Pilgrim” graphic novel series would be immortalized into a movie and now a video game. For me, I love the graphic novel dearly.

Yet there is one thing that always concerns me. Typically when you take a franchise/series from its original medium and transplant it to a foreign medium, terrible things happen to them.

For books and novels, a transition to film can either be great or crap. The same case can be made for video games when they are turned into movies. I will take this time to say that the game has many references to the graphic novel and those charms will be very much lost if you have not read them. When the trailer from Comic-Con was shown, I was intrigued. A game that was completely retro in style, but with fresh concepts from modern day games. Seeing some of the scenes that had been referenced in the novel being depicted in a video game was truly amazing.

I am almost confident in saying that it quelled any fears of the game being a hack-job for a money grab. It seemed like Castle Crashers but with heavy undertones of the Scott Pilgrim franchise. For technical details, the game is on the PlayStation Network Store for $9.99 and there is a demo available. The game supports 4 total players and multiplayer is a local system affair. No idea if there will be a latter addendum for multiplayer via PSN. This is disappointing as it would work rather well as an online title with friends.

The options for friendly hits can be toggled and by default it is marked off. Players are able to choose from Scott Pilgrim, Kim Pine, Stephen Stiles, or Ramona Flowers as their hero of choice. Medical physiology boron torrent pdf software. There are 2 secret characters to unlock as well, but I won’t spoil the surprise for those who intend to read the novels.

Each character levels up individually like in Castle Crashers and you can change their color palette as well. Each character has a “assist” summon as well as a taunt of their own. Scott’s assist summons up his fan-girl/ex-girlfriend Knives Chau that stuns enemies. The taunt is important as when all players have their taunts active, your team gets to do a killer band attack doing massive damage. The graphic style is a remix on 8-bit retro. The soundtrack is done by Anamanaguchi and completes the 8-bit retro feel. The Help section detail game mechanics and controls in a brief way.