Fukkol Intercheck TM crack detection is one kind of RED VISIBLE crack detection method, can detect the cracks of most of metals, ceramic and other materials which are not many holes. Portable, easy to use kits designed to find cracks and other surface discontinuities in metal, ceramic and other nonporous materials before there is a problem. It is also the most widely used method of weld inspection as well as checking equipment parts, castings, forgings, vessels, chemical industry, shipbuilding, electricity generation, aerosol space, machinery, automotive, metallurgy petroleum, railway, high pressure container and all surface crack testing. Intercheck TM Cleaner / remover are specially formulated to remove oil, grease, dirt and other most stubborn dirt from mechanical part, moulds and toolings. Usb driver mio p350 pdafed. It is easy to apply and provide excellent cleaning power and instant penetration to hard reaching areas. Intercheck TM penetrant exhibits outstanding penetrating characteristics which provides for maximum reliability in locating surface-open flaws and discontinuities. It is formulated to give excellent controlled washability over a wide temperature range and variable dwell times.

Typical applications include castings, forgings, leak testing, welds and general metal work. Intercheck TM developer is a ready to use suspension of white developing particles in a fast drying solvent. It produces an opaque white coating, which provides and excellent contrasting background for Intercheck TM penetrant indications. All Fukkol products strictly follow the military and industry regulation to produce and adopt high solvent to decrease the unpleasant smell, what’s more, provide high class oiliness carrier liquid, light odour, and less irritate to the skin.

Search among more than 1.000.000 user manuals and view them online in.pdf. The rendered crack detection depth microscope is used for measuring the crack width in the concrete elements. Specific results, easy operation and low maintenance, makes the rack detection depth microscope highly demanded. Portable Prod Type Crack Detectors. Portable Prod Type Crack Detectors. Magnetic Crack Detectors 8.