Last Update: 2018 - 12 - 28 Access & Email • • • • • • • • • With internet access possible almost everywhere nowadays, the requirements for database applications quite frequently include the requirement to provide interfaces to internet services. While requirements for direct connections to webservers via HTTP or FTP are increasing, but not yet ubiquitous, a simple interface to send emails from within an application can be considered fairly standard now. There are lots of different approaches to send email messages from an application.

Nov 8, 2017 - How to filter and export an Access Report in three lines of VBA code.

On this web page I want to try to provide an overview over different options for a developer to integrate the functionality to send email messages from Microsoft Access applications. This will include the advantages and dis advantages of the different approaches. A very simple but still effective option to send an email from a Microsoft Access application is the. This method will generate an email using the default email client with a single line of VBA code right from Access. You can either display the email for further editing or put it right into the default mail client’s outbox for sending.

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You can add multiple recipients to the “To”-, “CC”- or “BCC”-Headers of the email by using a string containing several email addresses separated by semicolons. A simple example. DoCmd.SendObject acSendNoObject,,, 'someone@somewhere.invalid; someone.else@elsewhere.invalid',,, _ 'Email without attachment', 'This is the email body.' , True Sending Access-Objects You can add most Access-Objects from your Access database as an attachment to the email. Access will not use its own internal format when attaching the object to the email, but they will be exported to more widely used file formats.

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While you can send the UI-Access-Objects (Forms, Reports) with the email as an attachment, I would not recommended doing this prior to Access 2010. In earlier Version these objects could be sent in Plain-Text, Rich-Text- and HTML-Format. The visual layout of the Access objects is almost completely lost in the process.

In Access 2010 onward you can use the PDF-Format for those objects too. This is suitable to send appealing reports with your email. In Access 2007 this should be possible as well with the. - I have never tried that though. DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, 'myReport', acFormatPDF, 'someone@somewhere.invalid',,, _ 'Email with attached report', 'This is the email body.' , True Sending data If you want to send data (Tables or Queries) as plain text, they will be exported in a textual representation that tries to mimic the visual appearance of the tabular data. This format is unusable as data exchange format.