Microsoft CD Keys, CD Key Generator, Genuine Advantage Validation Microsoft CD Keys, CD Key Generator, Genuine Advantage Validation I am no fan of Microsoft for a lot of different reasons which I won't go through here. However, one of the things that I think is so insane is the silly CD Keys that they put on the cases of the CD. Anyone who is thorough enough to copy a CD would certainly copy the CD Key.

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However, the average guy who just files the CD away after a successful installation may very well separate the actual CD from the CD case (which are often not clearly marked). Fortunately just about any Microsoft CD Key will do. So this web site is to help out people who have legitimately bought/received a Microsoft CD (non-OEM variety), but have lost their CD case with the key. If you have a CD from Microsoft that you got from an OEMer (for example, it came with your computer), follow the link to.

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Windows XP I just recently heard that XP installation CDs have a valid CD key right on the CD. Contoh soal psikotes kerja Explore the CD and navigate to the i386 folder. Open the file UNATTEND.txt and scroll down to the last line. You will find your Windows XP Product key there. It was there on an old XP CD SP2 I had around. If you find a CD key on your installation CD, please let me know how it works out. My guess is that these keys on the CD are best to use as there would be the same CD key for thousands of computers (all the CDs which were printed with that key) so Microsoft would have a hard time invalidating a CD key which is used legitimately by thousands of computers.

The CD I had has a key of 'CD87T-HFP4C-V7X7H-8VY68-W7D7M'. I wonder if that key will work for anyone else (my XP computers all have legitimate Microsoft keys already)? Can you help me? I am now preparing a suit against Microsoft for misrepresenting their copyrights under the DMCA and so on. I also believe that their CD keys are primarily intended to defraud consumers from their legal rights to use the software (in the hope that they will lose the CD keys and have to buy another license, this time directly from Microsoft). So, I would like to include a class action suit of consumers who: • purchased a computer with OEM licenses, • lost their key, • had to reinstall their software, but were blocked by Microsoft key validation software, and • either • purchased an additional license at a store (hence were defrauded by Microsoft) or • used information on my site to permit them to reinstall their legally purchased software If you are a U.S.

Resident (preferrably of upstate New York) and can document your purchases as above (what a pain), please send me an email at (take out the space). I will need your full name and address for inclusion in the suit (as a co-plaintiff).

Eventually you will need to provide me with a signed declaration that you purchased the computer and the other things above (I will write up the declaration for you) as well as documentation of your purchases. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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