How to budget with Capital One 360 (Formerly ING Direct) Budgeting, Debt Help. They just lend you the money until you bring the balance back up to $0. So instead of having a $30 NSF fee, you might have a $.50 interest charge. ING Direct is a Dutch-owned bank. From what I’ve read, the selling of ING Direct USA won’t affect us.

One of the first online bank accounts I ever opened was ING Direct. ING Direct was the online bank of ING Group, founded a Dutch multinational corporation founded in 1991 (through mergers), and their high interest rates were the talk of the financial world. Back then, the only bank that offered high-interest rates were. Credit unions were great (and still are) but not often known for their cutting-edge technology and online access. It's understandable since they're generally small, owned by the depositors, and you'd rather get a higher interest rate than a fancier website!

ING Direct offered all that. A higher interest rate and an online interface that could wow you. Everything was done online. You could open a certificate of deposit in minutes. You could add a new savings account, to save for a vacation or some other goal, in minutes. There were no branches but that meant you didn't need to visit a branch to do anything.

Everything was online and available in minutes. Today, it's known as Capital One 360 after Capital One acquired ING Direct for $9 billion back in mid-2011. It still has all the great features that ING Direct was famous for and today I'll dig deeper into those to see if it might be the bank for you. Table of Contents • • • • • About Capital One 360 Let's get some paperwork out of the way. You know that I wouldn't ever review a bank that wasn't FDIC insured, that would be sheer insanity, but let's make sure we have all that settle. Capital One 360 is owned by Capital One Financial Corporation and headquartered in McLean, Virginia.

When you do a search on the, you'll see several institutions named “Capital One.” This is because the Capital One has brick and mortar locations for their bank, which is named Capital One Bank. The Capital One 360 entity is entirely separate. So which one is Capital One 360?

Capital One, National Association (FDIC #4297) covers mostly deposits within branches. Capital One Bank (USA), National Association (FDIC #33954) covers mostly the deposits in the online bank. Turns out, ING Bank (FDIC #35489) merged with Capital One Bank and on the we learn that those accounts are covered under Capital One, NA (FDIC #4297)! The FDIC # for Capital One 360 is, as far as I know, FDIC #4297. If you which to call them, the Capital One 360 phone number is 1-877-514-2265. The ABA routing number is 031176110.

Capital One 360 Deposit Products Capital One 360 has all the same deposit products as everyone else – online checking, online savings, certificates of deposit, etc. Manual de fisioterapia respiratoria juan lois guerra freedom. No Fee 360 Checking – This is your standard online checking account. No minimum balance or minimum to open.

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The only knock is that the checking account's interest rate is relatively low unless you deposit over $100,000. At the time of this writing, the APY is a mere 0.20% APY on balances under $50,000. You get a full 1% when it's over $100,000 – a pretty high bar.

360 Savings – Again, fairly standard stuff here – no minimum and no monthly fee. The interest rate here is more typical, currently 1% APY on any balance. One nice feature of Capital One 360 is that you can open up to 25 savings accounts. You can use them for different savings goals and it's fairly simple to keep up. Each one will have their own account number so they're truly individual accounts, so you can deposit money directly into them. Trial

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