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Mentari Komunikasi adalah salah satu dealer resmi yang menyediakan berbagai macam alat-alat komunikasi seperti: Alat Komunikasi Handy Talky (HT), Radio RIG, Reapeter, SSB, dalam rangka tuntutan pekerjaan yang membutuhkan ketelitian, kecepatan serta keakuratan yang tinggi agar terus bergerak lebih cepat, tepat dan efisien. GARANSI Kami menjual produk asli dengan garansi resmi, apabila terjadi kerusakan ataupun cacat akibat produksi pabrik kami akan segera memberikan layanan terbaik kami Pemesanan Jasa Antar Gratis untuk wilayah sekitar Jakarta. One Day Service. Bayar di tempat Mentari Komunikasi menjual alat-alat komunikasi,Radio HT,Radio Rig,GPS, Alat Survey, Alat Ukur, Tester, Kompas, Fish Finder maupun peralatan pertambangan dan instrument lainnya dalam rangka tuntutan pekerjaan yang membutuhkan ketelitian, kecepatan serta keakuratan yang tinggi.Didukung oleh tenaga profesional yang mengutamakan kepuasan bagi konsumen/pelanggan.Dengan layanan antar yang cepat! GARANSI: Kami menjual produk asli dengan garansi resmi, apabila terjadi kerusakan ataupun cacat akibat produksi pabrik kami akan segera memberikan layanan terbaik kami DELIVERY: Kami menggunakan ekspedisi terpercaya sebagai penyedia jasa layanan pengiriman barang profesional untuk menjamin produk yang anda terima dalam kondisi yang baik.


• Mag One™ by Motorola Radio Series Detailed Service Manual 6816102H01-A. Furthermore, the purchase of Motorola products shall not be deemed to grant, either directly or by implication, estoppel or otherwise, any license under the copyrights, patents or patent applications of Motorola, except for the normal non-exclusive license to use that arises by operation of law in the sale of a product.

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• Technical Information Updates As we continue to make engineering enhancements to our products, the information in our Service Manuals need to be updated accordingly. If you wish to be informed of these updates, kindly fill in and fax us your details. • Service Manual Feedback Form We believe that reports from users provide valuable information for producing quality manuals. Kindly take a few moments to provide feedback on this manual. Thank you for your cooperation. Fax to: 6- The Technical Publications Coordinator, Media and Communications, R&D Department. • DOCUMENT HISTORY The following major changes have been implemented in this manual since the previous edition: Edition Description Date 6816102H01-A Initial Edition Mar.

• RF energy exposure and provide simple procedures on how to control it. Please refer to the following websites for more information on what RF energy exposure is and how to control your exposure to assure compliance with established RF exposure limits: • Exposure awareness can be facilitated by the use of a product label directing users to specific user awareness information. Your Motorola two-way radio has a RF exposure product label. Also, your Motorola user manual, or separate safety booklet includes information and operating instructions required to control your RF exposure and to satisfy compliance requirements. Aircraft When instructed to do so, turn off your radio when on board an aircraft. Any use of a radio must be in accordance with applicable regulations per airline crew instructions.

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Medical Devices. • Do not place a portable radio in the area over an air bag or in the air bag deployment area. Air bags inflate with great force.

If a portable radio is placed in the air bag deployment area and the air bag inflates, the radio may be propelled with great force and cause serious injury to occupants of the vehicle. • Operational Cautions Antennas Do not use any portable radio that has a damaged antenna. If a damaged antenna comes into contact with your skin, a minor burn can result. Batteries All batteries can cause property damage and/or bodily injury, such as burns, if a conductive material such as jewelry, keys, or beaded chains touches exposed terminals. • A repair constitutes something done internally to the unit that would bring it back to its original condition.

Items not considered as repairs are those in which an action is performed on a unit which does not require the outer casing of the unit to be opened in a manner that exposes the internal electrical circuits of the unit. • Safety Information.. Iii Section 1 INTRODUCTION 1.0 Scope of Manual..1-1 2.0 Warranty and Service Support.1-1 2.1 Warranty Period and Return Instructions.1-1 2.2 After Warranty Period..1-2 2.3 Piece Parts..1-2 2.4 Technical Support..1-2 2.5 Further Assistance From Motorola.1-2 3.0 Radio Model Information..1-3. • Section 3 VHF BAND 1 (136–150 MHz) INFORMATION 1.0 RF Circuit Board and Schematic Diagram for VHF Band 1 (136–150 MHz).3-2 VHF Band 1 (136–150 MHz) Main Board Top Side.3-2 VHF Band 1 (136–150 MHz) Main Board Bottom Side.3-3 VHF Band 1 (136–150 MHz) Schematic Diagram.3-4.