Navigatori Satellitari GPS per le Autoradio Cinesi con. Visita eBay per trovare una vasta selezione di software navigatore igo8. SOFTWARE NAVIGATORE IGO GPS AUTORADIO CINESI SD. Siete sicuri che funziona o! Ieri ho scaricato l'Igo. Autoradio cinese (che io ho) eppoi sia la mappa Italia che San Marino dal link di questo post.

******** Before we start, I have 3 important advises. BACKUP WHAT YOU HAVE NOW!! It's sometimes better to go back anyhow. And not unimportant, you might need some of the old data (like port, baud.) to help setup from scratch. Read this simple guide trough before doing anything at all. Read it twice, three times if you need.

Ask when you don't understand it completely. This is a guide to install the program and nothing else. When you are done, Primo should work in its basic form. Additional features, other languages. Whatever, are not part of this guide. ******** System Requirements for IGO PRIMO Obviously you need a device with an WinCE Operating System (OS). It does not matter if the OS is CE5 or CE6 Even CE4.2 will do but we can not guarantee Primo will be fully functional, mostly hardware restrictions are the culprit.

(CE4.2 will do for IGO8.3) iGO Primo CE supports devices that have 320x240, 480x 234 (very rare), 480x272 and 800x480 screen resolutions. Make sure that the Primo you download supports YOUR resolution. Not all downloads have a multires data.zip, often only a 480_272 or 800_480. If your resolution is not supported, Primo won't start. How do you know? This information could be in the post with the upload or you could ask the uploader. Or when already downloaded, you could open (!!

) the data.zip ui_igo9 folder and see in an instant the resolution folders. Finally, your device should have at least 64MB of RAM, we recommend 128MB or more. The available memory will decide the goodies and eye candy.

******** Installation Download a version of iGO Primo. Download gratis desain undangan pernikahan cdr. I personally recommend as my experience with it is the very best. There is a fully English Primo 2.4 provided by Chas521 on this forum somewhere. Important: - Newer builds are released from time to time.

In those newer Primo builds the changes to the previous versions are minimal, it are just adaptations to a specific newer device. Newer is not always better! - Primo NextGen(eration) is a completely new development. You may try it, but be aware NextGen is not fully developed (yet) while for everything a specific license is required. That license is limited in time, location and feature, possibly device dependent as well. All at the same time. You probably have downloaded a rarred file, unrar it on your PC and you get an IGO folder.

Software Igo8 Per Autoradio CinesiftSoftware Igo8 Per Autoradio Cinesift

That folder you place on a preferably blank SD or in internal memory of your device. Now - and this is device dependable - set up the path to the Primo program. That is all!! Start up Primo and you should see the loading screen, then you do the initial set up. When that is done, tap on the picture of the map to the left of the screen. Marillion discography wikipedia. When the map is black, you only have the basemap (which is the globe, no roads) 'on board'.

Go to the map section (You are not allowed to view links. And download the map(s) and other files you want. Also read this: You are not allowed to view links.

About GPS problems 'Autodetecting GPS' means you need to enter the GPS settings in sys.txt. You may find them in your backed up old program;) 'Looking for GPS signal' means Primo has found the GPS receiver., be a little patient, finding satellites needs also time. When your device locks on to the satellites and displays your current location, you are done. Now backup the Primo folder!! WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU BRICK YOUR DEVICE. Edit: corrected some typos.