Sequels are almost never as good as the originals, and this game's no exception. Produced by a new company for Activision, it had all the elements from the last game, sure. It even added the ability to shoot impact webs while jumping. Mitek 20 20 engineering cracked tongue. But what it lacked was any of the challenge that made the first one so much fun. The puzzles were simplistic and very dumbed down, and the levels weren't even all that creative (however, when on the rooftops I did like how they chose to render the background scenery).

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The added street levels were disappointing. Missing from the first game, these could've been a welcomed addition, but they were just a square area with four lousy streets. Not even very creative building designs.

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Although, another plus was the ability to modify your favorite suit with the powers it may not have had. Overall, if you completely loved the first one like me, you'll find this game lost a good deal of the magic that game had.