May 3, 2011 - Note: if one ore more files can not be found in the game directory, they hide in the. Quest gamedata' 'C: Programme THQ S.T.A.L.K.E.R. It´s is a bit tricky, for the file in which the correlations between icons. Paste the 'gamedata' folder from the downloaded archive (Only Base Stalker CoP folder) into the main folder of the game INSTRUCTIONS > FINAL Before you launch the game make sure that Streamlabs Chatbot is running, that your bot is working and that the script is enabled and the path to your Stalker CoP folder is properly set.

This is where i used to find mods back when i used to play the original stalker. Haven't got around to modding pripyat yet. @ThatFrood said: ' there aren't really any significant mods for CoP yet.

None of the 'realistic gun' mods are particularly good, and I think the armor and weapon degradation is handled well in this game. The only one I might recommend is that replaces the english dialogue with the russian dialogue., so I prefer it when its in Russian. 'i know what you mean.

Sometimes its just awful, feels like im hearing a bad cartoon or something. @sodiumCyclops said: ' The worst dialogue would have to be from 'Hawaiian'. Also, anyone else having issues involving the V-sync not working at all? CoP has horrendous screen tearing. 'I'm not seeing very terrible screen-tearing. The biggest offender, graphics-wise, is the draw-distance of the bushes and grass.

I mean, goddamn. A mod needs to come out soon to fix that, cuz its ridiculous. @Rowr: yeah, I don't even know. Considering that it came to Russia and Germany, like, a year ago. And during the year in-between it was being 'translated'. Well, it makes me really wonder what the hell the translators were doing.

Stalker call of pripyat gamedata folder icon maker

For the record, I keep pointing out these bad things in the game, but I really love this game. Probably my favorite game in a long time. @emkeighcameron said: ' I'm loving CoP so far, just got into Pripyat (with the whole squad alive, amazingly) and it's still a lot of fun.

Not as much fun as SoC, I don't think, but a damn good sequel. And WAY better than Clear Sky. Why would you want to remove weapon degradation, anyway? That's half the fun of going out on a raid into the Zone.

'I feel like the game executes the whole 'self-contained, dynamic world' idea the original had much better. The artifacts make more sense and the shooting and gameplay in general is a lot better.

But I agree, it doesn't have the same sort of 'mystery' as the original STALKER. Safer, in CoP. It would be really great if (and this will never happen), they could somehow combine the gameplay of CoP and the storyline and feel of SoC. If you've got the STALKER Complete 2009 mod for SoC installed already, copy all the folders inside the 'gamedata textures' folder (except 'ui' and 'map' sub folders) to your CoP 'gamedata' folder.

Make sure to leave out the 'textures.ltx' file. Since none of CoP's necessary files are missing, and none are being called for that don't already exist (textures.ltx), every lame texture that CoP shares with SoC that would be replaced by the Complete 2009 mod will be replaced by the same high-quality textures. The result is a MUCH better looking game. Edit: before.

@PureRok: I'm using 32 bit windows so I'm forced to use one step below max textures (75%). I was using render R2 for those pics(FDL, not enhanced), but I usually play in R3 (DX10). The reason I used that renderer was because I was trying to figure out why the game wasn't launching while fraps was running, and I happened to be in that mode when I figured out I had to start fraps after the splash and before the fullscreen app launches. I didn't wanna restart the game yet again, especially since it has to load around 700 megs of extra textures.

You can choose not to move over the weapons sub folder, if that's your preference. I think the terrain looks washed out and dull in the vanilla one. There was an app to let you use full textures in 32 bit for the russian release, but it doesn't work on Steam's exe.

I think the gun has a lower resolution texture in the after image because the texture file has a mipmap whereas the original doesn't, which makes that one full resolution at all times(???). @ThatFrood: Sure. There are a few issues with it though.

Most of the C2k9 foliage is bright summer green, and most of the CoP foliage is dead fall brown. I'm gonna go though and try to remove the bright green plant textures and see how that does. (edit: I just spent 20 minutes scouring over the Textures folder and I can't find anything resembling what I'm looking for except pine tree textures. Where are those fuckers hiding?) The other thing is that it uses the old icons with the new textures, but that's minor. I was initially trying to change the base terrain texture that you see in the distance, but that thing is friggin strange and confusing.

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