Neptune's Pride requires JavaScript. About Neptune's Pride The object of the game is to be the first to capture half of all stars in the galaxy. The game is real-time and played over several weeks. You can log in at any time of the day to check the progress of your fleets, view the results of battles, and issue new orders. Massive carriers loaded with fighters make hyperspace jumps from star to star.

A single jump can take hours or even days of real time to complete. Each Star you control will build new ships, raise money for upgrades, and research new technologies. Your job is to negotiate with the other players, dispatch fleets to capture new stars, and choose where and how to upgrade your existing stars and technology. Neptune's Pride is not like any other 4x strategy game because its streamlined mechanics allow players to focus on high level strategic decisions and diplomacy. Diplomacy The first thing you should do in a game is contact the players nearest you.

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You might want to propose an alliance, a no-fly zone, or perhaps just declare all out war. Examine the surrounding stars and think about where you need to expand. What stars you can afford to concede to your opponents?

Diplomacy and trade are your keys to victory but who are your allies and how far can you trust them? Trade is one of the most important aspects of the game. Players must trade technology to keep up with the other alliances in the Galaxy. Mechanical conveyors selection and operation pdf to jpg. Even the smallest player in the game can hold the balance of power and contribute valuable research to any faction willing to support them.

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Ships and Combat Massive hyperspace carriers transport your fighters from star to star. Once a carrier enters hyperspace it cannot stop or change direction, it must complete the jump. The maximum distance a fleet can jump is determined by a players hyperspace technology. When enemy fleets meet at a star a battle takes place. The number of ships in each carrier, along with a player's weapon technology will determine the victor. You'll need to build as many ships as you can and send out to capture half of all stars in the Galaxy. Stars and Resources The natural resources of each star determines how expensive it is to develop Economic, Industrial and Scientific infrastructure.

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