Chaz rates this game: 5/5 Downloading this game, eh? This game is a collection of the 4 games from the NES (graphically improved, of course) and Super Mario World from the SNES. I know, it's a collection, but it's worth it to have over the original games just because you can save. Yes, saving in a Mario game. Prepare to spend hours on this game, because you're going to need all the time you can get just to beat the first 4. And with the added bonus of Super Mario World, you're in for a great deal of fun.

D.U Super Mario Bros 2.1 Madness Returns ** D.U Super Mario Bros.: Find That Princess. Disney Channel: All Star Party Disney Epic Mickey Disney Epic. Super Mario All-Stars is a great Mario collection. All the classic NES Mario games in one, plus the lost levels, which was known as SMB 2 in Japan. In this collection, the graphics and sound have been upgraded for all the games.

First and foremost, I have read several 'How do I get the new SMB to work' threads, and still can't seem to get this to work. Either the answer isn't there, or its lost to my ability to dig it out. Details: 4.1U System Menu USB Loader GX - Latest version launching from Homebrew channel BootMii - Installed and NAND backed up Preloader - Nope CIOS 249 r20(b) The version I'm using is a popular download that is already scrubbed and patched.

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Over 2 pages of comments saying it works fine. When I launch from USB Loader, the screen turns black, the Wiimote loses connection, and then nothing more happens. Just sits there. WiiMote can't reconnect.


More details on what I have installed. SysCheck v2.0.1 by Double_A.runs on IOS58 (rev 6175). Region: NTSC-U System Menu 4.1U (v449) Hollywood v0x11 Console ID: 42233526 Boot2 v2 Found 119 titles. Found 41 IOS on this console. 7 of them are stub. There's stil ONE thing you never told.

What partition type are you using? NTFS doesn't work with latest (938) USBloader GX. If you use NTFS partition, use r930 if you use FAT32, use Hermes222[37+38]v4 if you use WBFS, use cIOS rev17. (other cIOSx are working. Sometime, it depends the users reports) USBLoaderGX is not officially supported under cIOSx or Hermes v5. Why nobody read the readme?

Or learn what works and what doesn't? What are the needed IOS/device/config before using a homebrew? Or go to the official topic to read before using it?

Sorry to sound rude, but recently, all the help I provided are because users are using incompatible cIOS, and bad Loader revisions not compatible with their installed cIOS. I'm using WBFS on my drive. As to not reading the guides or readme's, I have tried. I've spent hours trying to fix this on my own before posting anything about it. The problem is there's a ton of contradictory information to sift through. One guide says do it this way, another guide says do it this other way. Which is right?

How long ago was the guide updated? Does it say use version x because that's the best version, or does it say that because the guide was written 6 months ago and versions y and z didn't exist at that time? Often times (when downloading directly from the source website) there's no readme included, or the readme has no helpful information. Or the latest version is just one file, assuming you still have the other files/instructions from a previous version.

Wiki's are often several versions out of date. You've got threads that are literally hundreds of pages long. I've gone through 2 specific SMB guides and neither one solved my problem.

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I'm sure the solution to my problem is out there and has been answered before, but I've been unable to sift through all the hay piles to find the needle I need. Later today I'll downgrade to CIOSr17 with a base of IOS57 and report back if that solved the problem. I do appreciate your help.

Yes, I understand there might be a lot of contradictory guides. CIOS installation and Wii modding guide gives the latest revisions, when older homebrews need older one. That's not always the best to update to the latest mods. GX had some revision where it started to follow the newest cIOS releases and advancement (NTFS, multi slot IOS, etc).

But they reverted the code due to incompatibility with another functionality, and maybe for stability or because the code was badly written (I'm not very sure about that, but I think they decided to rewrite it in a better way), but the developers never updated it again. So GX is actually in a state where newest cIOS are not compatible, or could work but are not recommended. Check my previous post to match your needs. If you use WBFS, you can use any revision you want from the loader, as long as you use cIOSrev17 or Hermes v4. You can also install cIOSx[56]rev20 on slot250, as some games need it.