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Hi, Having just migrated 4 disks from an ageing DS411+II to a new DS1817+, I can confirm that your observation about the significant improvement in the built-in Synology disk migration process. There are 22 steps in the “2.2 Migrating between different Synology NAS models” section of Synology’s DSM 5.x migration knowledge base. The 4 disk migration under DSM 6.1 was 6 steps (I did follow some of the early steps in the knowledge base article because I did not know that they were redundant under DSM 6.1). It was over so quickly (less than 10 minutes), that I powered down the new NAS and powered it back up again expecting it to require more steps to complete the migration.

Synology Surveillance Station 6 License Cracked Servers

None of the things that the knowledge base warned would be lost, were actually lost. The new NAS simply booted up and continued where the old one left off. All Windows machines were able to find it and users able to login even though it had a new IP address. All package, user and application settings and permissions were carried across without a hitch even Download Station tasks that were in mid stride and media file indexing simply continued where they had left off as its nothing had happened. The configuration backup and restore, which seemed so critical and important in the knowledge base, turned out to be unnecessary because the entire configuration was automatically carried across in the migration – nothing lost, nothing broken. By the way, my set up consists of a 3 disk SHR volume, a 1 disk disk group with 2 volumes and a bunch of external USB disk volumes. Everything is up and running and it all took less than 10 minutes!

For comparison, migrating Windows Server from one machine to another can take several hours of down time and a world of pain when there are as significant differences in the hardware.

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