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I had a request for the NPH voice files yesterday and discovered that Waze hadn't cleared out some of the other voice packs I'd downloaded yet, so I figured I'd share those and some of the others out in the wild, make it a little easier for iPhone and Android users to deal with and try out.

As a publicity stunt, things don't get much cooler than having a big-name actor give an in-character performance in your car. That's what happening with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who to the mobile crowd-sourced traffic and navigation app to promote the new Terminator movie. But the former governor of California is far from the first big celeb or major fictional character to get into the directions-giving game. In fact, he's not even the first one to do it for Waze—that was comedian Kevin Hart, who for the app in 2013 (to pimp his flick with Ice Cube, Ride Along.) Using celebrity/character voices in navigation systems goes back almost a decade, and features some of the biggest names in the world. Check out the slideshow for our collection of the greatest and geekiest. Most are still available for purchase (or free), particularly if you have a compatible Garmin or TomTom navigation system (check compatibility before you buy). How this hasn't become a thing for Google and Apple Maps on phones yet, I don't know.

Maybe Drake can soon.

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