Optical Media Protection Provides disc copy protection technology based on advanced code encryption combined with an application license management system. The application license management system contains activation algorithms ensuring that only legally purchased DVDs, BDs and most recently UHDs can be used. Besides being colossal blockbusters that have generated over $5 billion between them, what these movies have in common is that they were protected with Denuvo's Video copy protection.

Normas ansi dibujo tecnico pdf to excel Constantly upgraded and honed razor-sharp by Denuvo’s skilled engineers will keep you one step ahead of pirates, increasing your revenue while limiting your losses. Gaming More than 300 days! That is how long one of the latest Denuvo-protected games has gone without being cracked.

This is simply unprecedented and a testament to one of Denuvo’s core principles: always keep innovating. Our Anti-Tamper solution allows publishers to reap the benefits of stamping out all piracy attempts in the crucial first weeks of a title’s release across platforms including Desktop, Mobile, Console and VR. Our Anti-Cheat solution adds run-time application self-protection over the whole life cycle of the game far beyond the release window. IoT Digitally connected devices are gaining an increasing foothold in our offices, cars, homes and even our health. By 2020, the number of such devices are estimated to exceed 40 billion.


With great digital innovation comes however an even greater cybersecurity threat. At Denuvo, we aim to eliminate these vulnerabilities primarily stemming from the lack of binary protection.

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With our Anti-Piracy Technology Platform, connected devices are safe from runtime attacks, tampering, reverse engineering or unauthorized access to critical controls and data. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, along with the opportunity to work with a tight-knit, advanced technical team who are experts in their fields. If you are passionate about joining the world of gaming security, we welcome your application.

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