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Her squirming, fiery bowels churning feverishly on his huge rod, Dan couldn't have held back, his load at gunpoint. He clutched her madly bouncing ass and began to spurt his load in violent torrents, stinging and boiling deep in her shuddering ass, bringing wild screams from her throat. – Coming too, Danny! Hotjism so good big prick in my ass so wiiiiiiild! – Yessss, love it, honey, eeeeeeeee!Coming too!' Her burning asshole sucked fiercely at his bursting rod, draining every thick drop of his come.

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Even then Jenny refused to release his limp rod, her thrilled tunnel clamping obscenely, her deep moans filling the camper. After Dan slipped his dick out, his little sister kept undulating her ass in a plea for more. Her golden tits heaved with her lingering climax for another few minutes before Jenny rolled over on her back, sighing lustfully. 'It hurt,' she whimpered. 'But I dug it too.

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Even though my ass feels like raw liver now.' They smoked one more reefer, then slipped their baffling suits on and headed for home. Jenny toyed with his cock all the way back, lewd fingers stroking, groping, caressing, her newly fired glands humming deliriously in her body. 'I want to do it in the shower next,' she said suddenly. 'I want to do it everywhere, brother.' 'Better cool it, Sis, until the folks aren't home or are sleeping.'

Jesus, from the contorted look of raw hunger on her smooth face, Danny began to wonder if he hadn't overdone it. From a sweet little virgin into a wild eyed, insatiable swinger in a singe hour. They said the bigger the saint the bigger the sinner.

She'd flung her coy, wholesome act to the winds and was seething with hot, driving lust now, her face flushed and her eyes glazed, her beautiful tits still panting with torrid excitement, her fingers rubbing her moist inner thighs in a small frenzy. 'Listen,' she said suddenly. 'Let's go to the drive-in tonight. Bring plenty of beer and grass.

We're going to have a guest, brother. And when we get there I want you to go find some of your buddies to talk to for an hour or twos. By the time you get back, I'll have a pussy so hot for you it'll be smoking.'

He looked at her, startled. She was charged with sex-electricity, chafing at the bit like a racehorse. Could he recoup from all the sudden frenzied fucking by tonight so he could enjoy a wangle to the hilt? Hell, yes, if it was the redhead. Jenny confirmed it would be.

Dinner at the Moore house that night seemed perfectly normal on the surface. John Moore ate silently and methodically. His wife Donna seemed absorbed with some inner secret excitement, her eyes glowing curiously on her handsome son and lovely daughter. Dan and Jenny kept up a running innocent conversation as they usually did, brother and sister wholesome bantering. Beneath the table, Jenny's leg brushed and rubbed and played with her brother's lasciviously while her blood sang with rising excitement. Dan and Jenny casually announced they were going to the drive-in that night, along with Jenny's friend Ann.

John Moore announced, wearily, that he had to attend a sales meeting at the auto agency where he was manager and probably wouldn't be home until midnight. That left Donna alone in the house. She also mentioned casually that she might have guests, a couple named Langley. She hadn't called Georgia Langley yet about her mis-delivered package, but since she'd be alone and hotly aroused tonight, she would settle her profound curiosity about the woman once and for all, and about her husband – if he knew about his wife's bizarre tastes in erotica. She fervently wished either her rugged son or luscious young daughter would stay home tonight, but she knew she didn't quite have the nerve needed for that sort of action just yet.

The children were so lovely and innocent she wondered if she'd ever have the nerve. The idea of corrupting her own wholesome children stung her with deep shame.

And irresistible lust. After dinner, Dan and Jenny left immediately. John Moore kissed his wife an affectionate goodbye. Donna Moore, her heart racing with wild excitement, reached for the phone. Georgia Langley's voice was young and sultry.

'My name is Mrs. You don't know me, but I've got something of yours.

From Secret Fashions in Hollywood.' 'Oh yes,' the voice said, perfectly casual.

'Mail mix-up, I'm sure. It's an evening dress I ordered weeks ago. Why don't you just give it to the mailman in the morning, Mrs.

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